Restoration III does not allow any individual user to have more than one account and the sharing of accounts is strictly prohibited. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we employ a variety of techniques to track users and ensure compliance with this policy. We take our obligation to prevent multiple-account abuse seriously as non-legitimate multiple-accounts are used to disrupt the gameplay environment, such as the economy, and to evade bans.

Restoration III understands that families may wish to play together in the same household. In order to be exempt from our multiple-account detection systems, all users must apply for exemption as described hereunder. The following policies apply:
  • Restoration III will grant a maximum of 4 accounts per household.
  • You must identify a primary account, the holder of which shall be the primary point of contact for all multiple-account-related request(s) and exemptions.
  • Households share the obligation to adhere to the Restoration III Community Standards. If any single account in the exemption is banned, all accounts under the exemption will be banned for the same duration.
  • Even with the exemption, account sharing is prohibited. All users must have their own accounts. Violations of this policy will result in the termination of the account(s).
  • If it is later discovered that any information provided through this process was fraudulent or misleading for any reason, including but without limitation to, attempting to gain an unfair advantage in the game or to evade a ban, all accounts involved will be permanently terminated.
Step 1
You should register all accounts in the household through our global accounts system by registering each account on the website. Each account must have a unique username and email address. We cannot process your exemption request if all of the account(s) to be exempted do not yet exist so you must register them first. Every account must be created from the household that is requesting the exemption (IP addresses must match). Please note that our multi-account prevention system may automatically ban the additional accounts. If your exception request is approved, the bans will be reversed.

NOTE: In compliance with Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), Restoration III does not allow any users under the age of 13 to access our services. No exceptions. Any accounts found to be shared with someone under the age of 13 or any accounts found to be owned by a user under the age of 13 will be permanently terminated. If the account is for a person under the age of 18, the Parent or Legal Guardian of the player may communicate with us on their behalf.

Step 2
Visit the Restoration III website, login to the primary account and select "Support" then "Open a Support Ticket" and select "Multiple-Account Request" as the department.

You must include all of the following information or your request will be denied:
  1. A photo of the right hand of every person that will be playing in the same photo.
  2. A legibly handwritten note in the same photo as the hands that lists:
    1. The usernames of every account.
    2. The relationship between the account holders (e.g. mother and son, roommates, etc.)
    3. Whether each account holder will play on separate computers or the same computer. Either all accounts must play on separate computers or all accounts must play on the same computer.
If you for some reason anticipate hardship with completing any part of this request, please include an explanation in your exemption ticket but know that it is likely we will deny your request.

Step 3
We will review and process your request. We reserve the right to use reasonable judgment to determine if an exemption should be granted and shall grant or deny exemption requests at our sole and absolute description. You will receive any additional correspondence (questions or approval/decline notice) via your submitted support ticket. If you have any questions about this process or if you will qualify for an exemption, please submit a ticket and we will respond as soon as we can.