Known Bugs and Issues | SWG Restoration III

Known Bugs and Issues

Known Bugs and Issues

The following is a list of bugs and issues our development team is aware of and working on. If you don't see the issue or bug you've encountered on the list, you can report it.

Crafting - Process

  • Peko Peko Feather/Feathered Appearance Layers not applying to armor craft
  • Krayt Scales aren't providing health crafted into Segments > Cores > Armor

Items - Loot

  • Newly looted Weapon Augmentations do NOT have expected Health/Action stats and not crafting into Core > Final Weapon Craft

Content - Kashyyyk

  • Kachiro > "Eliminate Hss'kas" quest isn't spawning Hss'kas
  • Kashyyyk Ryatt Trail: Can sometimes fall off of vines onto bottom (Workaround move to "land" to get back up top)

Profession - Carbineer

  • Beast Dietary Supplements are attached to Weapon crafting tool and Weaponsmith Assembly/Experimentation

Profession - Chef

  • Pet Food cannot be turned into schematics
  • Some Chef schematics aren't receiving the benefit of the 1% Resource Quality bracelet

Profession - Combat Medic

  • Bacta toss animation always throws at self instead of target

Profession - Teras Kasi Artist

  • Teras Kasi Meditate skill does not heal wounds

Galactic Civil War - Mechanics

  • PVP kill count isn't updating on Character Sheet

Items - Misc

  • Cybernetic Range increase arms not stacking with Underworld Faction buff
  • "Extract DNA Core" option not working from quest reward mounts
  • Fortitude Tokens are 'Shared No Trade' but cannot trade between alts (Drop in shared house workaround)
  • Berserker Rifle now allows Master Weaponsmith to learn, didn't fix retroactively on older schematics
  • Executioner Hack schematic now allows Master Weaponsmith to learn, didn't fix retroactively on older schematics

Profession - Droid Engineer

  • Detonation modules aren't doing damage - when used, only attack character for 1 or 0 damage.

User Interface

  • Experience Monitor doesn't update when you learn from a trainer in real time, requires soft log
  • Experience Monitor bar doesn't save from the selected boxs and resets after every soft/hard log

Wearables - Misc

  • MASTER - Cybernetic being "seen" and stat issues - see related
  • Bracelet - Saldalith Manufacturing Veridicator 200 (Right) Bracelet needs to be adjusted to CL54 for healers, currently CL61
  • Bracelet - Saldalith Manufacturing Veridicator 200A (Right) Requires CL 85 to equip, should be CL1 for crafters
  • WoD Vendor Reward Crafting Scanner Interface schematic: reflect "Master Artisan" instead of "Knowledge Type: Schematic"

Weapons - Melee

  • WoD: Two-Handed Athame WoD weapon is only crafting with 10-10 min/max damage

Crafting - Sampling/Surveying/Foraging

  • Jewelry & Clothing with Surveying, Hand Gathering, Sampling skill mods don't have any effect on toon surveying
  • Email using ISD for Minerals isn't working. Working for Chemical and Gas.
  • Complete Survey Tool crafted before WoD update still allows organic surveying

Items - Collection Related

  • Collection: Steaming Rock #5 has "You can't see that object." error

Wearables - Armor

  • 'Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor Helmet' not showing on certain species (Only Humans, Zabrak)
  • Treasure map/Black Sun dropped BH Armor Biceps & Bracers are not labelled 'Right' or 'Left'
  • Wookiee Armor Chestplate takes Eyes slot and this prevents wearing Enhanced Rebreather with it
  • Mandalorian Leggings use Tailor experimentation points instead of Armorsmith
  • Squad Leader & Ranger cannot equip Mandalorian Armor

Items - Skill and Attribute Modifiers

  • Medical Assembly modifier cannot be made into a Reverse Engineer Powerup
  • Modifier Bit ratios for Medical Experimentation/Assembly Ratios not working as intended.
  • Exotic damage SEAs created by RE don't work i.e. Polearm Damage

Profession - Musician

  • Nalagorn cannot be played and allow inspiration

Community Systems - Other

  • Friendlist resetting itself

Content - Theme Parks - Meatlump

  • Meatlump Target Map collection not working due to decode input not being recognized
  • Maintenance hatch Meat Lump Missions allow only 1 person at a time into instance or not balanced

Quests Misc.

  • Quarantine Zone - Escort Camp volunteers moving too quickly

Galactic Civil War - Faction Items and Bases

  • GCW Bases require lots in order to drop


  • Entertainer Inspiration buff is lost on a soft log or crash

Weapons - Misc

  • Accuracy powerups aren't applying correctly on weapons

Badges and Collections

  • Collection badge for Master Shipwright isn't activating

Player Character

  • Opportune Chance entertainer buff isn't giving full +120 on buff

Crafting - Manufacturing

  • Krayt Scales, if not separated into singles, will eat the entire stack in a factory for a single battle segment

Space - Mobs

  • Droid Pilot Quota Progress - Droid Pilot Quota Tier 2 (Scrapper)

Profession - Squad Leader

  • Creature Handler Pets can use Squad Leader buffs

Wearables - Clothing

  • R3 Founder XP Shirt cannot be worn by Ithorians