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Black Epislon Squadron

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  • This page is a work-in-progress guide to the Imperial Black Epsilon Squadron.

    Imperial Black Epsilon Squadron

    Tier 1: Hakasha Sireen, Talus, Imperial Outpost (-2182 2259)

    Hakasha will induct you into the squadron. She has 4 basic patrol/destroy missions, then she will start training you in the Tier 1 boxes. You will need to grind XP until you have completed these. In the Corellia system, you can get Destroy Duty Missions for Tier 1 & Tier 2 Black Sun or Rebels from the Talus station, which will also help you with the Collections.

    Tier 2: Prisk Kith'Vys, Talus, Imperial Outpost (-2186 2260)

    Prisk is standing in the room right next to Hakasha. He will be your trainer once you have completed the Tier 1 boxes.

    First Tier 2 mission: Corellia System: Caputure the Torton Runner

    Launch into Corellian Space. Wait for the WP update, then disable the Torton Runner freighter. It will have two escort Ships (Dunelizards) that you will want to destroy (you can do this before or after). Wait for the Torton RUnner to be captured, then you will be on an escort mission. Escort the Torton Runner until it jumps.Expect at least one wave of two Dunelizards to attack (my last run had 3 waves of these). You may also have to deal with the freighter drawing aggro from random Rebel fighter spawns (my last run, I had to deal with 5 Tier 1 A-Wings). Once the Torton Runner jumps, the mission is complete.

    If you have enough XP to train Imperial Techonology II, return to Prisk. Once you train this box, he will give the next mission. If you don't have enough XP, grind it, then return.

    Second Tier 2 Mission: Eliminate the Rebel Diplomat, Dermin Lespri

    Launch into Corellian Space. You should get a WP almost right away. Proceed to destroy the Rebel YT-1300 and 4 X-Wing escorts.

    If you don't have enough XP to train the next box (which is very unlikely at this point), grind it up through Duty Missions to unlock the next mission.

    Third Tier 2 Mission: Eliminate the Rebel Bomber Leader

    Again, launch into Corellian Space. You will get a WP update. Eliminate the Rebel Bomber Leader and his 5 Y-Wing escort.

    If you don't have enough XP to train the next box, grind it to unlock the next mission.

    Fourth Tier 2 Mission: Patrol the Corellia System

    This is a standard patrol mission. Proceed to the WP, then the next . . . Until you encounter the enemy, 2 Tier 2 X-Wings. Destroy them & the mission is done. Grind your XP to qualify to train the last Tier 2 box (Astromech Management 2), then return to Prisk.

    Prisk will have two more missions to send you on before you transferring you to a new trainer.

    Mission: Inspect the Rebel Smuggler

    Again, launch into Corellia space. You should have a WP immediately for a "possible target", go there. Inspect the YT-1300, then disable it & both Weapons, then dock. Mission complete. You can destroy it at this point for the XP.

    Mission: Eliminate the Rebel X-Wing Drone

    Once more, launch into Corellia space. Wait for the WP to update, then proceed there to attack the T2 X-Wing. Then move to the new WP to "Start the Jamming Operation". Once there, stay near the comm point while defeating waves of T1 enemies.
    Wave 1: 2 X, 1 A, 1 B
    Wave 2: 2 Y, 1 A, 1 X
    Wave 3: 2 X, 1 Y, 1 B
    Wave 4: 2 X, 1 A, 1 B

    That should run out the mission progress. Prisk will now send you to Haymir Rendundi on Yavin 4

    Tier 3: Haymir Rendundi, Imperial Command, Yavin 4 (4064 -6196)

    Haymir will explain the situation & set you right to work with a Patrol mission.

    First Tier 3 Mission: Patrol the Yavin System

    Launch into Yavin space. Follow the patrol WPs. When you reach the 4th WP, it should update both the WP and the mission goal to "Inspect Rebel Spy". You will find a T4 A-Wing labeled "Rebel Spy". Disable it and Inspect, the Dock with it. There will likely be other T3 rebel Ships in the same area. You can destroy the A-Wing Spy after you dock with it.

    Next, proceed to a new WP and wait for the arrival of a Lambda Shuttle. On the way, you will be ambushed by 3 T3 X-Wings. ONce you reach the WP, prepare to dock with the Shuttle as soon as it shows up. Once it reaches you, 2 T3 Y-wings and 2 T3 X-wings will attack. Clear them & go to th enext WP.

    New goal is to disable and capture a T4 Rebel Y-Wing Squad Leader. His escort is 2 T3 X and 2 T3 Y. One tactic is to disable the leader, & while the capture happens, clear the escort. If you can't clear the escort quickly enough, you might want to take them first. Once the capture is complete, your goal updates.

    Escort the Rebel Y-Wing. You will face ambushes by waves of 2 T3 rebel Ships at a time (first As then Xs,I only got 2 waves). Once the escort is complete, mission is done, return to Haymir who will train you in Imperial Technology III.

    Second Tier 3 Mission: Capture the Hutt Debris Smuggler

    You need to capture a Dunelizard, it has 4 x T3 Scyk escort. T3 Dunelizard Smuggler to disable, wait for capture, then escort. Possibly lots of random aggro in the area of the mission.

    Escort ambush 1: 2 T3 Scyk, 2 T3 Dunlizard
    Escort ambush 2: 4 T3 Scyk
    Escort ambush 3: 2 T3 Scyk, 2 T3 Dunlizard

    New Objective, Start the Broadcast Operation. Fly to the new WP. Defend broadcast location. You will be attacked by waves of Nym fighters. Waves include:

    1: 2 T3 X-wings, 2 T3 Kimogilas
    2: 4 T3 Z-95s
    3: 2 T3 X-wings, 2 T3 Kimogilas
    4: 4 T3 Z-95s
    NOTE: Be sure to disable or destroy ALL of these before proceeding to the next WP. They may follow you & the escort is tricky due to the rapidity of the ambushes and the random aggro in its flight path.

    New Objective: Rendezvous with the Retrofitted Freighter. Proceed to the WP, then escort the freighter. You will get waves of Nym fighter ambushes, each with 1 T4 Captain and 3 T3 fighters. These waves alternate between X-Wings and Z-95s. Stick near your escort target, as the attack fighters will not aggro you until you hit each one. If you get separated from your escort targert fighting just one attacker, the others will ruin your escort mission.

    New Objective: Travel to the Battle Location.
    This one may not update when you reach the WP, but it will be pretty obvious you have to clear the Nym fighters there. There should be 8x T4 X-wings and 2x T4 Nym's Captains in Z-95s. Once you clear this, this mission is over, return to Haymir for training in Equipment III.

    Third Tier 3 Mission: Rescue the Imperial Freighter

    Be sure your counter-measures are fully loaded. Launch into Yavin space. Proceed to the freighter & dock with it. Once repaired, escort it through one or two waves of T3 enemies. Once it enters hyperspace, you'll get the update to Destroy the Rebel Emissary. Your target is a Nova Cruiser with an escort of 3x X-wings, 3 A-wings, and a B-Wing. Take your time jousting, disabling the engines of one ship at a time, starting with the escorts. You'll get some missiles launched at you during this fight, so countermeasures are useful. Once you've destroyed the Emissary, return to Haymir for training in Imperial Training III.

    Fourth Tier 3 Mission: Capture the Nym Smuggler

    Travel to Lok Space. Disalbe and capture the Nova Courier. It is escorted by 7 T3 Z-95s. The escorts will engage you while the Nova Courier continues on its path. If you come up behind and below, you can take the engines without having to hit it's Weapons. Next you ahve to escort it. You may get only 1 wave of T3 Z-95s on this one. After it exits, you will be sent to destroy the Nym Patrol craft. This is another Nova Courier, that will fight you, and 5 escorts. Destroy those (take your time), then you will get an update to travel to a transmission point. Defend it against waves of T4 Z-95 captains with 4 T3 fighters (either X-Wings or Z-95s). Next, you're off to kill The Karthakk Queen, a T4 Assault Gunboat and it's escort (5 T3 fighters, IIRC). Depending on your equipment, this may be a long fight, but stick to the standard jousting strategy and you'll pull it off. Once you destroy this, back to Haymir to train the last T3 box, then you are off to a new handler.

    Tier 4: Insurgent, Imperial Outpost, Dantooine (-4207 -2435)

    Insurgent has some intro dialogue, then if you already have the 1million Pilot XP, he'll train you in Imperial Training IV immediately. Then he will give you a patrol mission to track down an officer and inspect him, seeking information about who hired Velocity mercenaries. You'll pass several WPs on patrol before being updated to "Inspect the Veocity Mercenary Captain" at a new WP. He is a T4 Ixiyen. Disable, inspect, dock.

    New objective: Begin to Tap into Enemy Communications
    Travel to the WP. Defend it. The fighters for this mission are a mix of Khiraxz, Ixiyen, and Rihxyrk. Wave 1: 4x fighters. Wave 2: 4x T4 fighters & 1x T4 Gunship (if the gunship is bugged, it may ignore you). Wave 3: 6x T4 fighters. Wave 4: 6x T4 fighters. Once the Transmission is complete, the mission is done. Return to Insurgent.

    Tier 4, Second Mission: Capture the Civilian Freighter

    Launch to Dantooine space. Proceed to the WP to disable & capture the freighter. Then you're to escort it. You will face waves of 4 or 5 T4 fighters, consisting of a mix of Khiraxz and Ixiyen. Once the escort is complete, you will get a new WP where you will inspect a Velocity Mercenary leader, a T4 Rihkxyrk. He may have a T3 YT-1300 escort, which may or may not aggro you. Disable, inspect, and dock with the Velocity leader. Once you do this, you get a new WP and a goal to "Meet the Shuttle". Do this quickly, as you will have waves of T4 fighters spawning on you. Try to disable any that are on you before you reach the WP, as several will be missile equipped Rihxyrks. Watch out for random aggro as well. Once you dock & transfer the data, the mission is over. Clean up any enemies. If you don't have enough XP to train, you might as well grind a patrol while you're in space.

    Once you return & have enough XP for training, you'll get your next mission.

    Tier 4, Third Mission: Escort the Dropship

    Launch to Dathomir space. Escort the Dropship. You'll be ambushed by 4x T4 Rihxyrks. Should only be 1 wave. Once the goal updates, dock with the dropship to repair it, then resume the escort. You'll get a wave 4x T4 Khiraxz. Once the dropship hypers away, you get a new objective to Follow the Patrol Route, you'll continue through several WPs until you get an updated objective. You will need to disable, disarm, then inspect & dock with an T4 YT-1300 called Unger Furnace. That will finish your mission (you may destroy the Unger Furnace at this point). If you don't have enough XP to train, do that before returning to Insurgent.

    Tier 4, Fourth Mission: Kill Nej'a Berto'Lo

    Travel to the Dathomir system again. Wait for the WP to update, then intercept and destroy. Nej'a is a T5 A-Wing, escorted by 7 T4 (mix of Rihxyrks, Khiraxz). Take out the escorts first, starting with missile boats. T5 Awing is a pain.

    Next objective. Disable the Velocity Smuggler. He has 6 T4 escorts. Once capture, escort him. First ambush is 6 T4 Rihxyrks. Waves 2 & 3 are 6 x T4 Ixiyens. Wave 4 had 6x T4 Ixiyens. My Wave 4 spawned right as the Smuggler hypered away, and an ambush of 6 more T4 Ixiyens spawned on top of me, along with an updated objective to survive the ambush & destroy the fighters.

    Next Objective: Travel to the battle location, the Defeat Tiberius in Battle

    Join your NPC "backup" (mine did not help at all). Get jumped by a mix of T4 Ixiyens & Rihxyrks lead by a T5 X. Defeat them all.

    Next Objective: Destroy Onli Shi'en

    New WP. Onli is a T5 Firespray, escorted by 7 T4 Ixiyens, Rihxyrks, & Khiraxzs. Defeat them all. Once this is done, return to Insurgent. He should transfer you to Grand Admiral Declann.

    (Note: His dialogue may try to force you into a duty mission, even if you already have all your T4 boxes trained. Decline the duty mission and talk to him again to be transferred)

    Go to Theed Palace and talk with Declann. See Imperial Ace Missions