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Combat - Class Abilities

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  • Here is a list of the Combat Class Abilities that relate to Buffs, Debuffs and Instants.
    It's a really good overview of what class has access to which buffs/debuffs/instants for people who are unaware of them, or want to mix and match templates for utility.
    It's combat related so doesn't have any doctors buffs in there, although there is no reason people couldn't add it if they wanted to.

    This information was last updated on:
    18th February 2023

    Buffs are listed in Blue i.e A Buff is applied on yourself
    Debuffs are displayed in Red i.e You apply a Debuff to a Target
    Instants are displayed in Yellow i.e A Target is Knocked Down, or Threat has been adjusted (no Buff/Debuff icons appear)

    Some of the data may be incorrect. If you notice anything wrong please amend as per your own testing.

    This sheet is still a WIP, not all classes or abilities may be on here - double check and reference the Skill Calulator if you need more information on abilities with States/Buffs etc.



    Center of Being+250 Defence30s1s Cast Time
    Armor Break30% Armor Break15sReduce Armor Effectiveness

    Berserk+125 | +250 Damage20sIncrease Damage on each hit
    Can't heal while Berserk is Active
    Sword Flurry+80 | +120 Defense10sIncrease Defense
    Armor Break50% | 60% Armor Break20s | 30sReduce Armor Effectiveness

    Teras Kasi Artist
    Power Boost+500 Health10m
    Honed Center of Being+500 Defense45s
    Greater Center of Being+600 Defense
    +20% Damage Reduction
    -10% Damage Output Reduction
    60sBetter version of Center of Being
    with additional modifiers
    Dizzy Attack-60 Defense40sDizzy
    Leg SweepKnockdownKnockdown

    Intimidate-20% Damage
    -20 Melee/Ranged Defense
    Improved Intimidate-20% Damage
    -20 Melee/Ranged Defense
    (note the modifiers are different)
    Advanced Intimidate-35% Damage
    -50 Accuracy
    Warcry-20 | -40 Speed20s
    Stunning Blow-40 Accuracy
    -25 Defense
    Area TauntAOE Taunt

    Blind Attack-120 Accuracy60sBlind
    Binding Strike-25% Action Regen45s
    Cripple AttackMovement Slow20sSnare
    Bleed AttackHealth BleedDOT


    Armor Break45% Armor Break20sReduce Armor Effectiveness
    Tier 1 and 2 appear the same atm
    Stun Strike-40 Accuracy
    -25 Defense
    Saber Swipe-60 Defense55sDizzy
    Saber Blind-120 Accuracy55sBlind
    Saber SlashHealth BleedDOT
    Saber SweepKnockdownKnockdown
    Saber ThrowKnockdownKnockdown (33m range)

    Force Enhancer
    Force Run 1+Movement Modifier
    +33 Terrain Negotiation
    Force Run 2+Movement Modifier
    -60 % Damage Output Reduction
    +66 | 99 Terrain Negotiation
    Force Armor+25% | 40%
    Damage Reduction
    15m | 30mTier 1 is 0.28 Force cost per 1 Damage Absorbed
    Tier 2 is 0.11 Force cost per 1 Damage Absorbed
    Force Armor is applied after any Armor Reduction
    Force Speed+15 | 25 Combat Speed6m | 12mUnable to Activate if Doc buff is Active
    Force Meditate+ Force Regeneration RateMust be sitting to use
    Force Resist States+25 State Resistance15m
    Force Resist Poison+100 Poison Resistance
    +25 Poison Absorption
    Force Resist Disease+100 Disease Resistance
    +25 Disease Absorption
    Force Resist Bleeding+25 Bleed Resistance
    +25 Bleed Absorption
    Force Feedback+65% | 95% Force Damage Reflect60sDirect Force Damage back to Target
    Force Shield25% | 40% Force Damage Reduction15m | 30m
    Force WaveMovement Slow20sSnare
    Force SuppressionMovement Root20sRoot
    StasisStasis40sUnable to Take Action or Move, breaks on Damage
    Cannot reapply for 30s after it breaks
    Channel Force~250-350 Max Health
    ~250-350 Action
    +250-350 Force Points
    Channels Health and Action in to Force Points at 1:1 ratio
    Max Health will slowly regenerate (2 hp/sec)
    Consecutive channels will further reduce health but multiply Regeneration rate
    Transfer Force-300 Force Points Self
    +100 Force Points Target
    Transfers Force Points from your Force pool to
    Targets Force pool
    Drain Force-x Force Points Target
    +x Force Points Self
    Seems to tick more than once
    * Currently the ability is broken and results in huge amounts of force transfered

    Force Healer
    Force Sap-30% Mind Regen
    -35% Action Regen
    Force Shock-40 State Resistance60s

    Force Powers
    Force Cloak+CloakCloak yourself from vision
    Humanoids must be over 21m away
    Emotes like /clap can still be heard but no text bubbles show
    Force ChokeHealth DOT60sInitial Damage shows in Combat Log but following Ticks do not
    Force Intimidate-20% Damage
    -20 Defense
    T1 is Cone, T2 is AOE around the Player (16m)
    Force WeakenMovement Slow10s | 20sSnare
    Mind Blast-40 Accuracy
    -25 Defense
    -60 Defense
    35sStun & Dizzy, separate rolls
    Force Throw-40 Accuracy
    -25 Defense
    40s | 55sStun
    Force Breach+Force BreachHas a chance to remove Force buffs on the Target, such
    as Force
    Armor, Force Infusion and Force Run
    *Force Infusion icon gets dispelled but the user
    still heals as if it was on
    Force KnockdownKnockdownKnockdown (Cone)

    Force Defender
    Force Aura+250 | 500 Defence60s
    Avoid Incap+1 Avoid Incap
    Movement Modifier
    60sAvoid Incapacitation State
    Movement is Slowed for the duration


    Take Cover+StealthUnstealth when Ability is used
    Aim+80 | 160 | 240 Accuracy12s3s Cast Time
    Knee-Cap ShotMovement Slow20s

    Suppresion FireMovement Slow (Cone)20sSnare
    Crippling ShotMovement Slow20sSnare
    Charge ShotKnockdownCharge Fowards Animation is performed

    Warning Shot-140 Defense15s
    Disarm ShotFumble12sCan't Take Action - Breaks on Damage
    Stopping ShotMovement Root20sRoot
    Burst Shot-40 Accuracy
    -25 Defense
    Intimidate Shot-20% Damage
    -25 Defense
    Firearm StrikeKnockdown1s Cast time

    Bounty Hunter
    Duelist Stance-125 Defense
    Reflect Incoming Damage*
    30s*Reflect doesn't work. It should reflect some of the incoming damage back to the Attacker but currently doesn't
    Confusion Shot-40 Accuracy
    -25 Defense
    -60 Defense
    45sStun & Dizzy, separate rolls
    Torso ShotHealth Bleed20s
    Eye Shot-120 Accuracy30sBlind
    Underhand ShotKnockdown

    Reckless Shot-80 Defense10sThis unique Ability it is a debuff but is applied to yourself
    and not to an enemy Target
    Daze ShotFumble45sUnable to Take Action
    Panic ShotFumble20sUnable to Take Action
    Restraining ShotMovement Slow20sSnare
    Low Blow-40 Combat Speed20s

    Stand Fast+25% Damage Reduction10s
    Riddle Armor10% - 50% Armor Break10sStacks up to 5x (10-50%)
    It BurnsHealth FireFire DOT

    Squad Leader
    Verbal AssaultThreat Increase (Single Target)Use on Tank to Increase Threat Generation
    Combat FeintThreat Decrease (Single Target)Use on Healer to Decrease Threat Generation
    Toughen+1000 Armour (Single Target)*5mGroup Member Buff
    *Doesn't work atm
    High Yield+25% Damage (Single Target)5m
    Volley Fire30m
    Call To Arms+1000 Armour (Group)30m
    Form UpIncrease Movement Speed (Group)30m
    Blaze of Glory+50% Crit Chance (Group)30m
    Double Time25% Cooldown Reduction (Group)30m
    Tactics+150 Defense (Group)30m
    Steady Aim+150 Accuracy (Group)30m
    Boost Morale+10% Action Regen
    +10% Mind Regen
    30m*Description says Split Wounds but it actually increases regen rates
    Rally-5% Damage Reduction
    5% Dodge Chance
    10sTriggers on group members around the Squad Leader, stacks with other group buffs
    Second ChanceSplit Incoming Damage Across Group
    Paint Target+10% Damage to Target from GroupEnemy Target Debuff
    Called Shot+50% Damage from next Attack to Target from GroupEnemy Target Debuff