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Ewok Festival of Love Bed

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  • The schematic for Ewok Festival of Love Bed is available for purchase during the Ewok Festival of Love.
    Requires a Novice Architect skill to learn, it is a single use schematic.

    Resources required to make the bed:
    • 150 Units of Endorian Deciduous Wood
    • 250 Units of Endorian Wooly Hide
    • 50 Units of Endorian Conifer Wood
    • 100 Units of Endorian Fiberplast
    • 200 Units of Polymer
    • 14 Units of Endorian Flower Fruit
    Has a vast Color Palette available:

    The bed is small, although perfect size for a tanray pet:

    Schematic costs:
    • 16 Ewok Festival of Love Chak Hearts
    • 50000 credits