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Find the Stormtroopers

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    Level: 90
    Somehow Stormtroopers have managed to survive within the walls of the research facility. Find them and get a situation report.
    Recommended Combat level: 80

    Research and Prison Facility​

    Travel to the Imperial Research and Prison Facility and find the Stormtroopers Trig Longo mentioned.

    Make your way to the Research and Prison Facility deep within the Quarantine Zone.
    /way Dathomir -7349 -7310 Research and Prison Facility;

    Note: As you get deeper into the Quarantine Zone, the Undead increase in CL.

    When you arrive to the facility, you will get a comm-message from your faction's quest-giver and the quest updates.

    Captain Piett: The facility is a disaster. Hopefully the Stormtrooper contingent have managed to survive.

    Han Solo: What a mess. Looks like you found the facility. If you are lucky maybe the Stormtrooper contingent is still alive.

    Guri: Looks like you have found what is left of the facility. Hopefully the Stormtrooper contingent have managed to survive. Use your stolen authorization to convince them you work for Darth Vader.

    Find Them​

    Search the interior of the facility for the Stormtroopers.

    Locate a Stormtrooper by the name of HX-138, who is located in Camp Epsilon, and speak with her.
    /way Dathomir -7427 -7334 HX-138;

    HX-138: Another of the living! Tell me you came here by shuttle.
    You: No. Shuttles are not allowed into the quarantine zone.
    HX-138: As I suspected. How did you get here? Oh that isn't important. Go get some rest and when you are ready, come back. I need a volunteer.

    After your short conversation, the quest completes. Speak with HX-138 to start the next quest.

    HX-138: Are you ready to get to work? Alright. We have a situation. There are survivors spread out topside and I need someone to go and lead them back. The others are too weakened by the lack of supplies but you look fit to carry on the task. What do you say?
    You: If I agree will you help me with my mission?
    HX-138: Sure. We'll have time after you do a few tasks to find out exactly what that entails. Are you ready for the first location?
    You: Yes
    HX-138: Here is the first location.

    Following Quest: Rescue Survivor >>