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Imperial Ace Pilot Missions

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  • ACE missions: Grand Admiral Niall Declann, Theed Palace, Naboo (-5526, 4618)

    Mission 1: Seek and Destroy:30 Rebel Fighters in Kessel Space

    Travel to the Endor System, where you will communicate with Imperial Claw Station (Deep Space) and tell them you want to go to Kessel. Once there, seek out and destroy 30 rebel fighters.

    Mission 2: Seek and Destroy: the Rebel Corvette

    Again, travel to the Imperial Claw Station in Endor Space, go to Kessel. Find the Rebel Corvette and destroy it. It should respawn about 20-40 minutes after it exits the system, if you missed it. This is a good time to work with others, you don't even need to group up. Anyone who gets even one hit on the corvette should get credit.

    The Rebel Corvette should spawn at 4800 -5000 -4800 and exit at /way -7260 4873 6341