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Macros And Unattended Gameplay

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  • Hotfix - June 13th, 2022 introduced an adjusted approach to addressing unattended gameplay. The funtionality of macros and loot have been modified to prevent players deriving benefits from the game systems (e.g.., experience points, credits, loot, etc.) while not actively at the computer playing the game.

    Folowing this update, this is how the macros work on Restoration server:
    • All macros will be dumped at a random interval between 40 and 60 minutes after you begin using a macro. There are no "no macro" zones or exclusions. This applies universally across the galaxy at all places, for all players, doing anything while logged in.
    • Your macros will not be dumped if all of the macros running consist of only the permitted commands, which are enabled to allow entertainers and doctors to remain connected. Player-to-player exchanges do not create system-generated benefits and thus are not subject to the unattended gameplay rules.
    • If you start a macro at any time that contains commands that are not on the permitted commands list, the 40-60 minute timer will start and will trigger a dump of your macros, regardless of if you dump them before then.
    • You will receive a system message warning you approximately 60 seconds before your macros are dumped and again when they are dumped.
    • After your macros are dumped, you will be disconnected within 15 minutes if you are not actively playing the game.
    • Players not considered active at the keyboard (meaning they are actively providing input from the mouse and keyboard for more than 15 minutes, regardless of whether they are running a macro) can no longer loot or harvest from corpses or gain loot or credits from Space.
    • Attempting to circumvent gameplay mechanics designed to prevent unattended gameplay is considered exploiting.
    Additional information about the macros and permitted commands: