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Basics of R3 commando profession

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    R3 Commando

    (skill calculator) Located at the bottom right hand side of the launcher, you will find a skill calculator and you will want to use it and examine and verify any and all skills and information to the build you want to create. Pay close attention to the right hand side of the calc and what Combat level (CL) your build takes you to. Each skill box on the calculator will show you how much xp is needed, what type of xp is needed, and what Combat level(CL) it will take you to. This will allow you too see any problems with not having enough points for your build as well as help you to understand the R3 tree system. (if you find any of the lingo confusing just jump on discord and ask about it.) You can master at least 2 Combat Professions in R3. (example Commando and Bounty Hunter). You will still probably have some left over skill points to get a novice profession of your choosing.

    Investigate the details: Look into what race you want to play and why. Each race has a different set of built in skill points if you will. figure out what it is you want and why. There is no perfect anything in SWG you can almost get anything to work. After looking at your skill trees figure out what skills you want and why then look at the different races here in SWG and find something that benefits your end game plans or just pick something because its cute w/e.

    PLAN AHEAD: Think about what faction you will join, think about what ship you wish to fly, think about the pet you might want. What Planets do you want to visit? at CL1 none of it will matter really but at CL54 it might.

    Trainer's locations You will need to find the combat trainers and a Commando trainer. (it will cost you credits to train at a trainer) They can be found in combat guildhalls located in most major cities, on most Planets. and in Player Cities located within the the city limits. You can tell you are in the combat guildhall via the Weapons hanging on the wall in the entrance. You can also ask other players to teach you skills (this is free of any credit costs) via in-game chats or on discord. Most players will be happy to do so, but know what skills you want exactly. (EXAMPLE: Acid Weapons III: Heavy acid beam.) It will be helpful to the person trying to help you and to make sure they have the skill you need. It will take 121/250 skill points to master commando.

    Amor type: Assault ( you could use any type of Armor from your secondary Professions as well)
    Weapon type: Heavy, thrown (grenades) (You can use other Weapons but heavy Weapons are the only ones that will give you skill points in the commando tree. plus you will not have access to commando AOEs and DOTs without them.)
    Tank: yes
    DPS: yes
    Healing: none

    Basic commando Skills: Standfast (damage reduction), burn it down( elemental Damage over time (dot),Riddle Armor (lower a target's Armor rating, stacks up to ten times)​

    Where to put your skill points: You will need to level up Brawler/unarmed tree and the marksmen/ranged support tree before you can choose novice commando. Brawler will give you the ability/skill knockdown recovery and marksman your basic ranged attacks. Leveling these 2 profession trees will only set you at CL10 (combat level 10) So knowing what your secondary profession will be and starting it as well, will be helpful/key since you cannot use a heavy weapon until lv21 so make note to work on both Professions in the skill calculator to achieve lv21,because using a heavy weapon is the only way to level up heavy weapons.

    Once you achieve lv21 you can buy and use a heavy weapon (either through the in-game bazar terminals located in and around the galaxy or discord#trade channel.) Heavy weapon use is key to leveling commando.

    LEVELING: Leveling in R3 is a lot less complicated than it might feel when you start out. The basic trinity of leveling in R3 and most any MMO are.

    Zone Killing: Killing large amounts of npcs or creatures in an area
    Questing: R3 has Legacy and many other quests
    Terminal Missions: You will find level appropriate terminals in the level appropriate zones. You can take up to 2 missions at a time for credits and xp.

    R3 players try to keep SPIN groups going which are nothing more than CL80 terminal missions done in a group of 8 players, in a row. You share credits and XP between everyone in the group and a lv20 player can level up pretty fast this way.

    EQUIP FOR SUCCESS: When turning in quests make sure you have the weapon equipped that you want the XP in.
    IN GROUPS: find an AOE(area of attack)/skill you can use so you hit everything and get the maximum value of XP.
    FLUSH WITH SUCCESS: grab an XP buff from an ENT (Entertainer) at your local cantina.
    BUY A DROID: You can use a droid up to 5 levels above your combat level(CL). They help and will make getting your xp a much faster and safer experience.
    EXPERIMENT: The only right way to play is your way. Have fun.

    This part is the hard part, the grind. It is only so because unlike these games of new, you do not just buy a coin online and instantly level up you have to work for it.

    SWG: Released on June 26, 2003 SWG is from a different time in gaming, a time where games put you in a sandbox and said build me a castle. There is no real way around the grind nor should there be. Playing R3 is like going back in time to a degree. The R3 team is trying to honor SWG CU while also trying to update it and bring it into the future, it is not an easy task to honor the past and the future at the same time.

    Congratulations, you made it to master commando!!!
    What do you do now?
    Choose a faction and level GCW for rewards and rank.
    Choose a faction to Pilot for in Space combat. Level up your skills, get new Ships and parts, work your way to ACE Pilot and get a player ship you can take your friends on.
    Choose from one of the many Theme Parks SWG has to offer and earn credits, rewards, titles, and honor.
    Level up your 2nd profession
    Start a crafter to support your in game combat habits.
    Chronicles which is part of the SWG storytelling system. You can create quests and try to get your friends to do them and earn rewards.
    Complete Collections, Badges, and points of interest.
    Join or create a guild and take part in more group content.
    Buy a house and move into a city and help support it
    Support the community online, stream, tweet, tiktok,etc.
    Have fun.#1