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Pehbon's Request

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  • Pehbon's Request

    Pehbon's Request is a quest that allows players to keep their limited reward Weapons forever by allowing the weapon to be remade. There are two quests, but you can only do one at a time and that depends on your profession. This quest is repeatable. To start this quest you must go to Rori -5488 6990 and speak with Pehbon Thimas'Tweste, The Best Weaponsmith. Pehbon is said to be dear friends with Thimble (and the house is also owned by Thimble?)

    Pehbon's Request (Master Weaponsmith):
    You must be a Master Weaponsmith to qualify for this quest, upon speaking to Pehbon he will immediately notice that you're skilled in your craft. He will ask you to perform a weapon craft before he will let you use his workshop to create your very own "Re-Deconstruction Tool".
    Part 1: Craft an advanced weapon core (quality of the resources, and optional components are not required), once crafted drag and drop on Pehbon.
    Part 2: Craft a weapon with your core, take note that he will take this weapon in order for you use his workshop so do not use any limited/special Weapons for this part of the quest. Once crafted drag and drop on Pehbon
    Part 3: Workshop mini-game time. Be sure to walk up to each terminal and use them as the journal describes
    Part 4: After completing the mini-game you will be rewarded with a no trade 5 use "Re-Deconstruction Tool".

    Pebon's Quest (Everyone else):
    You will notice that while talking to Pehbon he comes off rude, and well.... that's because he is. Take note that having Medic, Scout, and/or Smuggler will allow for additional conversation options. However you will still be sent to a "Secured Location" to acquisition some parts that Pehbon recently sold to his customer (Some business model). You will be faced with a really tough guard blocking your entrance to the house, and the guard is a level 90 silver elite. There is a Combat, and non-Combat way to handle this but only one player can progress at a time. Take note to complete this quest you must have a weapon on the deconstruction list, and have it crafted by a player to qualify.

    Part 1: Head to secured location on Tatooine 1569 3256
    Part 2: Deal with the guard with Combat, or non-combat
    Part 3: Enter the house and use your fusion cutter to break into the cabinet

    Part 4: Return to Pehbon and give him a weapon that was previously deconstructed and had been crafted by a player to complete the quest. If you don't have a weapon that qualifies yet, have no fear because you can return when you have the weapon.
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