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Rebel Starships

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  • Level: 88
    Captain Thrawn has learned of a manufacturing shop where Rebel starships are repaired. Help him use this information to the Empire's benefit.

    Recommended Combat level: 80

    Infiltrate the Repair Shop's Offices​

    Infiltrate the repair shop's offices and find out where the Ships are being delivered. You'll find their main offices in Kor Vella on Corellia.
    • Fly to Kor Vella, Corellia and head to the repair shop's offices a short drive outside of the city
      • It is full of NPCs that are CL83
    • You need to find and click on the database server that is located at the lowest level of the bunker. Once you do, the quest updates
    /way Corellia -3376 3319 Entrance to Repair Shop's Offices;
    /way corellia -3362 72 3344 Database Server;

    Go to the Rebel Base​

    Go to the Rebel base where the repaired Ships were delivered. Tag the starships with a tracking device and eliminate the base commander.
    • You will given a waypoint to a Rebel base and two tasks to complete:
      • Defeat the Base Commander
      • Tracking the Starships

    Defeat the Base Commander​

    Defeat the base commander, Captain Eirt Astar.
    • You can find Captain Eirt Astar at the bottom of the bunker in the Rebel base. All you need to do is kill him to complete this task
      • He is CL84
    /way corellia 139 4574 Captain Eirt Astar;

    Tracking the Starships​

    Mark the Rebel starships with a tracking device.
    • You need to click on the three X-Wing fighter starships to complete this task
    /way corellia 159 4536 X-Wing fighter starship #1;
    /way corellia 159 4523 X-Wing fighter starship #2;
    /way corellia 118 4494 X-Wing fighter starship #3;

    Once both of these tasks are complete, the quest updates.

    Return to Captain Thrawn​

    Return to Captain Thrawn at the Emperor's Retreat.
    • Head back to the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo and speak to Captain Thrawn.
    Captain Thrawn: Good, there's no time to lose. An Imperial transport was shot down on Rori. Go investigate the crash site and recover what you can.

    This completes the quest. Continue your conversation with Captain Thrawn to receive the next quest.

    • XP
    You: Rori? I'm on my way.
    Captain Thrawn: Waste no time. Do not let any of the important documents fall into the Rebel hands.