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Repair the Altar of Wisdom

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  • Level: 90
    Repair the damaged altar in the wilds of Dathomir.
    Recommended Combat level: 1

    Investigate the Altar​

    Investigate the Altar of Wisdom to determine how you might repair it.
    • Travel to the waypoint provided by Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel
    • Upon arrival, you will see the Altar of Wisdom - click on it and the quest updates

    Repair the Altar​

    Craft parts for the Altar of Wisdom to replace the damaged parts. It's vital that the parts are crafted to meet expectations of the Witches.
    • You will be given a draft schematic for Altar of Wisdom Repair Parts in your datapad
      • You will need to be near a private general Crafting station to craft the parts
      • Resources needed:
        • 115 units of Iron
        • 30 units of Inert Gas
        • 25 units of Aluminum
    • You will notice that there are back to three resource Attributes:
      • Wisdom
      • Power
      • Age
    • Examine the Altar of Wisdom to see a riddle that tells you what the values of Wisdom, Power, and Age should be for the repair parts
    In our youth we strive for power before wisdom, as only through power can we impose our will upon the world that surrounds us. As we age, wisdom that allows us to understand the folly of our youth.

    This is asking the player to create the repair parts with the Power value to be greater than Wisdom, but the sum of Wisdom and Age to be greater than Power.

    An example that is eligible:
    • Wisdom: 4
    • Power: 6
    • Age: 9
    Wisdom (4) < Power (6) AND Wisdom (4) + Age (9) > Power (6)
    Therefore, the condition is met.
    • Once you've crafted the Altar of Wisdom Repair Parts, head back to the Altar of Wisdom
    • Click on the altar to repair it and the quest updates

    Return to the Nightsister/Singing Mountain Clan Sage​

    You have repaired the Altar, you should return to the Nightsister/Singing Mountain Clan Sage with the news.
    • Head back to the Nightsister/Singing Mountain Clan Stronghold, upon arrival speak with Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel
    Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel: Did you repair the third altar?
    You: I did.

    This completes the quest. Continue your conversation to move onto the next quest.

    • Nightsisters - 4 Whuffa Leather and 3 Random Valuables
    • Singing Mountain Clan - 4 Spider Silk and 3 Random Valuables

    Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel: Just one more shrine. Are you ready?
    You: Yes, lets finish this.
    Sage N'um/Sage Ha'Zel: Ah good.


    A build of :
    • Wisdom: 4
    • Power: 5
    • Age: 8
    Meets the conditions laid out here but fails to repair the altar giving an error message of:
    The item could not be used to repair the altar
    On a previous note in this questline someone noted that 2/2/2 failed on the "all equal" requirement. There appear to be minimums . At this level at least, you don't appear to be able to complete with less than 100 Artisan experimentation. 4/6/8 is sufficient.