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Replace Air Filters

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  • This quest is part of the Champion of Mustafar questline.

    You receive this quest automatically after completing Supplies for the Miners.

    Level: 75
    There are four main air filter stations for the mining facility. Foreman Chivos tells you that they are all located to the south of the mining facility. Since the automated system is offline the stations need to be activated manually. It would appear that the mining facility is having more problems than could be seen on the surface.
    Recommended Combat level: 80

    Replace the Air Filters​

    Travel to the various Ventilation Ducts, located to the south of the Mensix Mining Facility, and replace their air filters.
    /way Mustafar -7 -1587 Air Filter 1;
    /way Mustafar -185 -1613 Air Filter 2;
    /way Mustafar -277 -1647 Air Filter 3;
    /way Mustafar -502 -1600 Air Filter 4;

    Once you have replaced the air filters for all of the Ventilation Ducts, return to Foreman Chivos to complete the quest.
    /way Mustafar 334 -1125 Foreman Chivos;

    • XP
    • 5,000 Credits
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