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Stupid Vents!

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    Level: 90
    Fix each of the malfunctioning vents.
    Recommended Combat level: 80

    Manually Close Vent​

    Find and then close this malfunctioning vent manually.

    After a few seconds, Dr. Nomi Rhane will send you another comm-message and place the waypoints to the malfunctioning vents into your datapad.

    Dr. Nomi Rhane: Comm-message - Look, I don't know you but you are literally our only hope for stopping the virus. I need you to go to those locations and shut the vents off manually.

    There are a total of 6 malfunctioning vents you will need to close manually that are scattered throughout the Underground Research Facility.
    /way Dathomir -7393 537 -7481 Malfunctioning #1;
    /way Dathomir -7358 549 -7411 Malfunctioning #2;
    /way Dathomir -7318 514 -7497 Malfunctioning #3;
    /way dathomir -7404 518 -7443 Malfunctioning #4;
    /way dathomir -7414 518 -7552 Malfunctioning #5;
    /way dathomir -7323 504 -7519 Malfunctioning #6;

    Simply click on the malfunctioning vent to close it.
    • When clicked, 3-4 CL80 Undead spawn and attack you
      • You do not need to kill them
    After all 6 vents have been closed, your quest updates.

    Find Command Console​

    Travel to the lower level and locate the command console. Use the console and checkin with the survivors.

    You will be given a waypoint to another Command Console, that is located a little further into the Underground Research facility. Make your way towards the Command Console, click on it, then click on Blinking Comm Light.
    /way dathomir -7344 505 -7534 Command Console, Lower Level;

    You will get a comm-message from Griffax Jin and the next quest.

    Griffax Jin: Comm-message - (Cough) I don't know who you are but you are... you are not authorized (Cough) to be in this facility.

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