The Emperor and the Queen, Part II | SWG Restoration

The Emperor and the Queen, Part II

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  • Level: 90
    Aid the Emperor in his plan to manipulate the Queen of Naboo into revealing the location of a Rebel General she is believed to be hiding.

    Recommended Combat level: 80

    Plan in Motion​

    The mercenaries are going to try and intimidate the Queen and get her to reveal the location of a Rebel General she is hiding. To aid them, you will eliminate her security detail at the palace in Theed.
    • You are given two tasks to complete at the Theed Palace on Naboo:
      • Disable the Security Terminals
      • Eliminate the Queen's Security Experts
    /way Naboo -5495 4468 Entryway of Theed Palace;

    Disable the Security Terminals​

    Disable the security terminals.
    • You will need to locate and click on two security terminals located within the palace
    /way naboo -5497 4761 Security Terminal #1;
    /way naboo -5532 4758 Security Terminal #2;

    Eliminate the Queen's Security Experts​

    Eliminate the Queen's security experts.
    • You will need to kill four security technicianslocated within the palace to complete this task. They are located near the security terminals you need to locate for the other task
      • They are CL85
    Once both of the tasks are complete, your quest will update.

    Mollify the Queen​

    The Queen was not pleased with her visit from the mercenaries and has become quite vocal over this. Lord Vader has informed her that the Empire had no involvement with this. Speak with her and convey the Emperor's assurances that she has the complete support of the Empire.
    • Speak with Queen Kylantha to update the quest
    /way naboo -5532 4778 Queen Kylantha;

    Queen Kylantha: So the Emperor sends his assurances that the Empire had nothing to do with the attack on my chambers? As you say. I am not yet convinced, but I am listening.

    Report to Emperor Palpatine​

    Return to Emperor Palpatine at his retreat on Naboo.
    • Head back to the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo and speak to The Emperor

    The Emperor: Is is now time to prove to the Queen that the Rebels are behind her recent difficulties.

    This completes the quest. Continue your conversation with The Emperor to receive his final quest.

    • XP
    You: What do you need me to do?
    The Emperor: You will eliminate Vurrha Jantsk and thus any possible connection to the Empire. And you will provide proof that the Rebel Alliance was behind the attack on the Queen.