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Undead Boss

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  • Undead Boss is a slayer collection, that takes place within the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir.

    You can start this collection by killing any of the Undead bosses in the Quarantine Zone.

    Here is a table of all of the Undead boss's names, levels, level translation between in game and collection window, and unique loot that they drop.
    • The level in the collection window does not translate to the level of the NPC
      • For example:
        • Fenn Kay'lay is CL2, but counts as the CL5 Undead boss

    Table of Undead Bosses​

    NameLevel (All are Elites)Level in CollectionUnique Loot
    Fenn Kay'lay25N/A
    Vil Burren310Painted Cry for Help
    Jawiin Danod415Painted Warning
    Salek Panaka520Painted Bite Warning
    Snotharr1025Painted Instructions;
    Navik Geelo1530Death Trooper Utility Belt
    Dugo Evnul2035Painted Arrow (Left)
    Adol Mantid2540Painted Arrow (Right)
    Tal Freykaa3045Biohazard Warning Sign
    Kallaova*3550Warning Sign
    Soon Dom4055Caution Sign
    Ool Awmod4560Scientific Work Desk (Schematic)
    Jaina Nassin5065Experimental Lung Vat (Schematic)
    Wertsnik5570Pile of Stormtroopers (Schematic)
    Wesk Kit'pay6075Deceased Shackled Prisoner (Schematic)
    Ghianna Hayde6580Prison Jumpsuit (Schematic)
    Chak Krist7085Prison Guard Pants (Schematic)
    Treena Moldovia7590Prison Guard Jacket (Schematic)
    Vina Maljazara8095Hooked Stormtrooper Helmet
    * Kallaova does not have a static location, see Kallaova Tips section

    To complete the collection, you must complete kill all of the Undead bosses.

    Reward: XP, the Quarantine Zone - Topside Boss Kill Badge, and progress towards the Boss Badge Collection


    /way Dathomir -5868 -6521 Fenn Kay'lay (2 Elite);
    /way Dathomir -5690 -7400 Vil Burren (3 Elite) - Painted Cry for Help;
    /way Dathomir -5976 -6455 Jawiin Danod (4 Elite) - Painted Warning;
    /way dathomir -6263 -6607 Salek Panaka (5 Elite) - Painted Bite Warning;
    /way dathomir -6259 -7267 Snotharr (10 Elite) - Painted Instructions;
    /way dathomir -6358 -6555 Navik Geelo (15 Elite) - Death Trooper Utility Belt;
    /way dathomir -6432 -7004 Dugo Evnul (20 Elite) - Painted Arrow (Left);
    /way dathomir -6710 -6486 Adol Mantid (25 Elite) - Painted Arrow (Right);
    /way dathomir -6624 -7372 Tal Freykaa (30 Elite) - Biohazard Warning Sign;
    /way dathomir -6785 -6967 Kallaova (35 Elite) - Warning Sign;
    /way dathomir -6968 -6492 Soon Dom (40 Elite) - Caution Sign;
    /way dathomir -6966 -6611 Ool Awmod (45 Elite) - Scientific Work Desk (Schematic);
    /way dathomir -7384 -6479 Jaina Nassin (50 Elite) - Experimental Lung Vat (Schematic);
    /way dathomir -7467 -6678 Wertsnik (55 Elite) - Pile of Stormtroopers (Schematic);
    /way dathomir -7495 -6955 Wesk Kit'pay (60 Elite) - Deceased Shackled Prisoner (Schematic);
    /way dathomir -7016 -7499 Ghianna Hayde (65 Elite) - Prison Jumpsuit (Schematic);
    /way dathomir -7485 -7286 Chak Krist (70 Elite) - Prison Guard Pants (Schematic);
    /way dathomir -7244 -7500 Treena Moldovia (75 Elite) - Prison Guard Jacket (Schematic);
    /way dathomir -7323 -7478 Vina Maljazara (80 Elite) - Hooked Stormtrooper Helmet;

    Kallaova Tips​

    Kallaova the CL35 Undead boss can be a little tricky to find, because he does not have a static location. He roams the Quarantine Zone in a B-shape.
    • You can wait at his spawn location (/way dathomir -6785 -6967)
    • You can also wait at Soon Dom's spawn location (/way dathomir -6968 -6492), since Kallaova crosses it
    • Can also create a target macro to help find him /tar kallaova;