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Underworld Smuggler Missions

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  • The Underworld Smuggler Missions allow Smugglers to play the role of running Contraband across Planets and Space, in an effort to gain more prestige with the Underworld community.

    The repeatable missions obtained in this system entail delivery of a package and the local authorities have blocked the use of Instant Travel Vehicles, Shuttleports, and Spaceports., meaning when on these missions, you will NOT be able to quick travel with these means. You will need to drive to your location if it is on the same planet or launch into Space and fly to your location's planet if the mission involves traveling to another planet. All of these missions are timed.

    During missions, smugglers may encounter law enforcement or other criminals bent on foiling the mission. Depending on your current amount of faction points with the Underworld, you will need to speak with various NPC's to obtain Smuggler missions.

    If the Smuggler is incapacitated at any time during these missions, the mission will fail, you will lose your front money you, and incur negative faction points for the Underworld faction.

    How to Start?​

    Some time after reaching Master Smuggler, the player will receive an in-game mail from Barak. In this mail, Barak will offer the player an opportunity for a job and includes coordinates and a waypoint attachment to Bestine, Tatooine, where Barak resides.

    To start the Underworld Smuggler content, make your way to Barak and converse with him to accept your first mission.
    /way Tatooine -1039 -3537 Barak;

    Underworld Tiers​

    There are 5 tiers to the Underworld Smuggler content. Once you reach a certain faction threshold within the Underworld faction, you will be able to advance to the next tier. Once you are at tier 5, you can continue to do these missions for the credits and slicing materials. You will also gain rewards at the 1000, 2000, and 3000 faction point thresholds.

    You will also have an opportunity to use your own contraband, which will provide more faction points and credits from the missions.

    You will need 5 of the same contraband item to do the mission or to sell them. The higher the tier of Contraband item, the more the broker will pay for them.

    Note: Using your own Contraband for these missions is worth it in the early tiers due to the increased Underworld faction gain. In later tiers, it is not worth your time to farm the contraband items needed since the faction bonus is only 10.

    Contraband Provided​

    TierFaction Point ThresholdLocationNPCFront MoneyRewards
    10 - 1000Bestine, TatooineBarak500
    • 50 faction
    • 15,000 Credits
    21000 - 1500Keren, NabooOgden1,000
    • 25 faction
    • 20,000 Credits
    31500 - 2000Nym's Stronghold, LokBaldwin2,000
    • 25 faction
    • 25,000 Credits
    42000 - 2500Smuggler Outpost, EndorHarding(PvP) 13,000
    • 30 faction
    • (PvP) 70,000 Credits
    52500 - 3000Science Outpost, DathomirRussell
    (PvP) 18,000
    • 35 faction
    • (PvP) 100,000 Credits

    /way Tatooine -1039 -3537 Tier 1 - Barak;
    /way Naboo 1907 2352 Tier 2 - Ogden;
    /way Lok 400 5226 Tier 3 - Baldwin;
    /way Endor -838 1617 Tier 4 - Harding;
    /way Dathomir 542 3053 Tier 5 - Russell;

    You Provide Contraband​

    TierFaction Point ThresholdLocationNPCQuest RewardsPurchase Price
    10 - 1000Near Jabba's Palace, TatooineGotan
    • 100 faction
    • 5,000 credits
    5 Tier 1 items: 1,000 credits
    21000 - 1500Bela Vistal, CorelliaDalya
    • 35 faction
    • 10,000 credits
    5 Tier 2 items: 2,500 credits

    /way Tatooine -5943 -6043 Tier 1 - Gotan;
    /way Corellia 6801 -5623 Tier 2 - Dalya;

    Underworld Rank Rewards​

    Upon reaching certain thresholds of Underworld faction, you will be rewarded.

    These bonuses do stack, meaning once you reach the final rank of the Underworld faction, you will have:
    • +600 Innate Armor
    • +3 Damage
    • +3 Range
    You will lose the attribute bonuses if you happen to drop Master Smuggler as a profession.

    1000 Underworld Faction Points
    • Title: Bootlegger
    • Gear:
    • Attributes:
      • +200 Innate Armor
      • +1 Damage
      • +1 Weapon Range

    2000 Underworld Faction Points
    • Title: Pirate
    • Gear:
      • Choice of
        • Underworld Ring of Luck
        • Underworld Necklace of Precision
    • Attributes:
      • +200 Innate Armor
      • +1 Damage
      • +1 Weapon Range

    3000 Underworld Faction Points
    • Title: Master Underworld Smuggler
    • Gear:
      • Choice of
        • Underworld Sureshot DE10
        • Underworld Sureshot DL44
        • Master Underworld Smuggler Blade
        • Master Underworld Smuggler Knucklers
    • Attributes:
      • +200 Innate Armor
      • +1 Damage
      • +1 Weapon Range