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Walkabout, Part I

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  • Level: 80
    Travel to a number of locations around Dathomir and take holograms. Be sure to frame them so that they depict Dathomir as a beautiful, peaceful planet with stunning vistas and gentle native life. Try not to get killed.

    Recommended Combat level: 80

    To start this quest, you need to locate and speak with Omogg's Representative. You can find him at Trade Outpost on Dathomir.

    /way dathomir 552 3074 Omogg's Representative;

    Omogg's Representative: Hey you! Are you interested in making some easy credits?
    You: Easy credits? Excuse me if I'm a little skeptical.
    Omogg's Representative: All I need is for you to take a quick trip out to a couple of scenic spots not too far away. I'm collecting pictures, sales material actually, for the planet. I need pictures that will make Dathomir look like a beautiful and peaceful planet.
    You: Dathomir? Beautiful? Peaceful?
    Omogg's Representative: It's just a little harmless marketing.
    You: Why not, I'll take the job.
    Omogg's Representative: Perfect. Your first stop will be some local Waterfalls.

    Majestic Misty Falls​

    Travel to the Misty Falls, the beauty of the ancient waterfalls should make for a great picture
    • Travel to the waypoint provided. Upon reaching the waypoint, you will receive two comm messages. One from Omogg's Representative and another from an unfamiliar face... The quest updates
    Omogg's Representative - Comm message: Good. That should look great in the brochure. Next I need a picture of the wide open plains of Dathomir. Try to keep any monsters out of the picture.

    Mysterious Person - Comm message: Well, look at you. I think you might be just what I'm looking for. Do not be alarmed, this is a simple spell of Mindspeech.

    Open Plains​

    Take a hologram of the open plains at this location.
    • Travel to the new waypoint provided, and again, upon reaching the waypoint you will get another comm message from the unknown person. She tells you to inspect a crashed spaceship not too far. The quest updates
    Mysterious Person - Comm message: I have a small task for you my pet. Not far from here you'll find a crashed spaceship. I need you to go there and search the wreckage.

    Crashed Spaceship​

    Investigate the location of the crashed spaceship
    • Travel to the crashed spaceship, about 1000m away
    • Upon arriving to the wreckage of the crashed spaceship, you get a final comm message from the unfamiliar woman. The quest updates for a final time
    Mysterious Person - Comm message: Bah, this is not the remains of the Chu'unthor, just a useless old pile of metal. I need to think this over. I will call on you when I need you again.

    Return to Omogg's Representative​

    Return to the Trade Outpost and speak to Omogg's Representative.
    • Return to Omogg's Representative at the Trade Outpost and speak with him
    Omogg's Representative: You're back.
    You: I got the holograms.
    • This short conversation will conclude the quest. To move onto the next quest, speak with Omogg's Representative again
    Omogg's Representative: Great. I hope there'll be enough holograms without monsters, witches and other horrors to put together a good looking brochure.
    You: Well, good luck.
    Omogg's Representative: Wait, I think I'll need some more pictures. Interested in a second trip?
    You: Yeah, why not?
    Omogg's Representative: Great. Your first stop will be northwest of here.