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Collection: What a Piece of Junk!

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  • What A Piece of Junk!
    (Collection for the Rattletrap ITV ability)

    The collection itself is very simple and fairly easy to complete!
    This is definitely one of the first things any new player should do after getting their first starship!

    Simply travel to the starports in the list below.

    In the main lounge area of the starport, you will find a collection item that looks like a container that is marked "Crate of Rattletrap Junk Parts".

    (If you are having trouble finding them, press "O" (options), go to MISC and select "Show All Object Names". That way they are easy to spot!)

    Once you have found the item, click and select the option "Add to Collection" and wait for the timer to countdown.

    You will receive a notification that it has been added to your collection.

    Here are the starports you need to visit:

    • Tatooine
      • Mos Eisley
      • Bestine
      • Mos Espa
    • Corellia
      • Coronet
    • Talus
      • Dearic
      • Nashal
    • Naboo
      • Kaadara
      • Theed
        • This one is located inside the starport, upstairs on the right hand side, in front of the Imperial Shuttle (-4771 4190)

    Once you have collected all of the pieces, you will be granted a "NO TRADE" item that will grant you the ability "Call for a Rattletrap Pickup" (ITV) when consumed!

    You can add this ability to your hotbar, or use it from your Abilities & Commands ( ; ) menu.

    Enjoy your newfound freedom!