Progression System | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Progression System

Working together under a unifying set of complex goals, players can unlock new content areas, like Restuss and Heroics, after meeting server-wide prerequisites for the galaxy. These prerequisites will be kept secret—however—players will be able to check the galaxy-wide progress of unlocking the next content stage by visiting the Progression Systems terminal in Mos Eisley.


Status: Unlocked

Conclude your chapter as the Champion of Mustafar by disrupting the sinister plot to destroy the planet hatched by assassin droid HK-47. An exciting group encounter requiring tact and coordination to foil the assembled droid army will be required in order for you to alter the fate of the galaxy.

Sher Kar

Status: Unlocked

The undisputed queen of the Mustafarian creatures is the largest of these monsters, called simply "The Sher Kar." She is known to inhabit a massive cave at the end of the Tulrus Nesting Grounds. Another of these creatures haunts the The Burning Plains and has killed so many of the local miners that it has been given its own name and is sought by hunters far and wide—the legendary Malfosa. There are many who have dared to entered a Sher Kar’s lair, but only the most skilled have returned alive.

The Battle of Restuss

Status: Coming in a Future Update...

This simple unknown city has a building presence of Rebel and Imperial forces. The abandoned city seems to be of interest, but the general public isn’t sure why. A call to arms has been issued—nonetheless—and forces for both the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance have both offensive and defensive tasks to take control of objectives and ensure their victory.

The Destruction of Restuss

Status: Prerequisite Stage Not Unlocked

In the northeastern part of Rori lies the once peaceful city of Restuss. The city was transformed as the "Star Core," a power source so great that it could power something as large as a Star Destroyer yet be so small that it would fit in the palm of your hand, exploded. Following the explosion of the underdeveloped Star Core, the city is now in ruins. Imperial and Rebel forces fight for control of the ruined city in an attempt to collect, or stop others from collecting, information on the now destroyed power source.


Status: Prerequisite Stage Not Unlocked

As part of your journey supporting the great Nym of Lok, Visit the Factory Compound home to IG-88 to face off against one of the galaxies’ most notorious bounty hunters and assassins. A group coordinated assault may be able to survive the lasers, traps, defenders, and the notorious Phlutdroid themselves.

Axkva Min

Status: Prerequisite Stage Not Unlocked

Embedded within a strange crystal is the essence of Axkva Min, a Nightsister possessing a fragment of the Codex of Tython, an ancient Jedi Holocron. Adventures daring to enter the Chamber of Banishment in search of history or power will face the vicious foe and her energy lance, but survival reaps collections and rewards of immense value.

Tusken King

Status: Prerequisite Stage Not Unlocked

Embody your role as the Hero of Mos Espa by fending off an invasion of the Tusken Army and save the city! This heroic encounter brings you to face off against the most brutal and well-trained of the Tusken Elite as they attempt to take over Mos Espa. You and your friends will need to band together in order to stop the takeover.

The Lost Star Destroyer

Status: Prerequisite Stage Not Unlocked

An Imperial captain has gone rogue and taken his Star Destroyer with him. A group of adventurers who want to take back the ship may recruit a pilot to smuggle them aboard.

The Temple of Exar Kun

Status: Prerequisite Stage Not Unlocked

A team of archaeologists has been searching the remaining temples on Yavin 4 to find lost Sith artifacts. While exploring the area around the Temple of Exar Kun, the team stumbled upon undiscovered catacombs hidden deep underground. What will they discover in the depths of the temple? Find out in this new heroic encounter!

Assault on Echo Base

Status: Prerequisite Stage Not Unlocked

Become a part of the landmark Battle of Echo Base! Fight for the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance on the icy fields of Hoth in an experience unlike any other. This breathtaking heroic encounter puts you at the controls of a Rebel Snowspeeder or an Imperial AT-ST as you and your friends jump into the fray at Echo Base. Make a stand on the north field, destroy the shield generator protecting Echo Base, protect Rebel transports as they escape, take on Unkajo and the Wampas, and more!