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Get Involved

One Great Game, Three Exciting Ways to Help Revive the Saga

Rebuilding an entire galaxy is quite a challenge and we couldn't do it without an amazing coalition of passionate volunteers that support our day-to-day operations. Our team is a small but mighty well-oiled machine with strong core values that drive efficiency and excellence. We're excited you're looking for more information on how to get involved and eager to have your support. Our current programs where you can become engaged are:

Community Partners
Galactic Senators
Have art/design or programming skills? Check out this instead.

The Contributor Program is a voluntary opportunity for members of the community to support the project by working closely with the staff to support ongoing initiatives and department operations for non-developers. The program is designed to introduce community members to different aspects of the duties and responsibilities of our staff while giving them a chance to develop a close relationship and potentially join the team in a relaxed, low-commitment role.

Contributors will support all areas of the project (Quality Assurance, Community Support, Operations, etc.) for a minimum period of one month to learn about how each department functions and gain broad knowledge helpful for any role. Thereafter, if desired, Contributors can choose to specialize in a specific department to get even more training and gain skills best suited for a specific team. Following an additional period of working more closely with that department, Contributors may be invited to join the staff.

Requirements of the Role:
  • Knowledge of, experience playing, and a passion for Star Wars Galaxies.
  • Enthusiasm for the project and our mission.
  • Professional and well-spoken (fluent English is required).
  • Organized and detail-oriented.
  • Excellent work ethic.
  • Willing to “roll up your sleeves” and doing monotonous clerical documentation-like work when needed.
  • Open to a variety of different work experiences, even beyond those of your direct interest, to support the needs of the project.
  • Time to commit to the project on a regular cadence. We all are volunteers with real lives and who want to play the game too, so our week-to-week commitment varies. Sometimes team members volunteer 3-5 hours per week, sometimes more, sometimes less. We're flexible in how much time we commit on a weekly basis as long as you're active and contributing.
Contributor Application

Our Community Partners program is an opportunity to work together and amplify our collective voices to share the saga of SWG Restoration. Community Partners are established or growing social influencers on any medium (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) looking to create exciting content that promotes SWG Restoration or tells interesting stories about our community with authentic enthusiasm.

We do not set specific eligibility thresholds for any social channel at this time (e.g. followers, concurrent viewers, impressions, etc.) at this time and will consider all applicants based on a holistic view of their proposal. Please note, however, that acceptance into the program is extremely qualitative and will vary from one candidate to the next and there are limited opportunities available. Maintaining active status in the program requires active social channels and routine engagement with SWG Restoration content and requires that all associated content mediums adhere to our Partner Content Standards.

Partner Program Benefits:
  • Partnership with the Community Team to cross-promote specific social efforts (e.g. live streams)
  • Occasional opportunity to partner with SWG Restoration Staff for content amplification (e.g. Hosting a Developer on your stream, exclusive stream provider for a specific live event, etc.)
  • Included in Community Team’s master thread of links to Partnered Content (pinned in Community Comlink forum)
  • Exclusive Discord Channel to advertise streams
  • In-Game Collection Badge and "Community Partner" Title for your characters
  • Special color role identifier in Discord and on the forums
  • Permission to use official logos and branded content in conjunction with Partner’s content publishes (branding guidelines apply).
Partner Application

Galactic Senators are elected community representatives that work in tandem with the SWG Restoration Development Team. Senators are responsible for:

  1. Helping the Development Team prioritize items within the larger roadmap framework.
  2. Representing the interests of their constituencies by acting as a collective voice in advocating for prioritization, features, or changes with the Development Team.
  3. Acting as a sounding board for the Development Team by participating in advance briefings to provide feedback on new concepts or planned changes.

Senators are not responsible for voting on or approving ideas or changes, rather they help the Development Team focus on specific items and provide feedback. General suggestions are crowdsourced through PlayerVoice, where any member of the community can share ideas for changes to the game for voting by the community, which Senators can then advocate for directly.

Senators are elected for a 6-month term.

Learn More about The Senate