About the Galactic Senate | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

About the Galactic Senate

Galactic Senators are elected community representatives that work in tandem with the SWG Restoration Development Team. Senators are responsible for:

  1. Helping the Development Team prioritize items within the larger roadmap framework.
  2. Representing the interests of their constituencies by acting as a collective voice in advocating for prioritization, features, or changes with the Development Team.
  3. Acting as a sounding board for the Development Team by participating in advance briefings to provide feedback on new concepts or planned changes.

Senators are not responsible for voting on or approving ideas or changes, rather they help the Development Team focus on specific items and provide feedback. General suggestions are crowdsourced through PlayerVoice, where any member of the community can share ideas for changes to the game for voting by the community, which Senators can then advocate for directly.

Terms in Office

Senators are elected for a 6-month term. The terms for the current Calendar Year are:
  • Term 1: February 25, 2024 to September 21, 2024
  • Term 2: September 22, 2024 to March 22, 2025

Constituencies and Current Office Holders

Senators are elected to represent groups of players by their professions. There are a total of twelve seats which represent players as follows:

  • Combat Senator: Brawler, Fencer, Lancer, Berserker, Teras Kasi Artist, Sharpshooter, Carbineer, Pistoleer, Sniper, Bounty Hunter, Commando, Smuggler, Squad Leader, Creature Handler
  • Science Senator: Medic, Combat Medic, Doctor
  • Social Senator: Entertainer, Dancer, Musician, Image Designer, Chronicler, Storytellers, Guilds, Player Cities, and Events
  • Artisan Senator: Artisan, Architect, Armorsmith, Chef, Droid Engineer, Merchant, Shipwright, Tailor, Weaponsmith, Bio-Engineer.
  • Outdoors Senator: Scout, Ranger.
  • Space Senator: All JTL/Space Content and Ships, etc.
  • GCW Senator: All things factions, e.g., GCW, bases, faction perk, planetary control game, PvP, etc.

Eligibility for Office

In order to run for and maintain a seat in the Galactic Senate, a player must:
  1. Have been actively playing for the last six (6) months. Each nomination will be evaluated individually, but a general rule would be an average of 5 hours of playtime per week over the course of the last six months.
  2. Not have any recent disciplinary actions taken against their account.
  3. Have availability to attend meetings over voice in Discord every 3 months, and ongoing discussions over text as needed.
  4. Agree to follow and continually adhere to the Galactic Senator non-disclosure agreeement.
  5. Note that the Staff may exercise reasonable discretion in not accepting a nomination based on other circumstances not listed here.
  6. Senators are limited to two consecutive terms in the same role. After two terms, they must either have a break in service of one term or may run for a different seat, but under no circumstances may they hold the same seat for more than two terms in a row.

The Nominations and Elections Process

Nominations open before the following senate term starts. Any player may nominate themselves. After the nomination period closes, all candidates are announced.

During the campaign period, candidates have the opportunity to share a position statement with the community and run campaign activities. The Staff may coordinate specific opportunities for all candidates, but most campaigning is entirely up to the candidate themselves.

In order to vote for a senate candidate, a player must have unlocked at least the novice box of any advanced profession for the role they are voting for. For example, a player with Novice Dancer and Novice Sniper can vote for the social senator and the ranged senator, but not for the melee senator.

Special Voting Conditions:
  • The Space Senator can only be voted on by ace pilots.
  • The GCW Senator can be voted for by any player.

Everyone is limited to casting ballots once per profession per account. In other words, your account can only vote for each senate role once, regardless of what professions each character on the account qualifies to vote for. This includes the space, GCW, and PvP Senators.

Candidates may visit the voting terminal to view their vote counts, which will be updated every 24 hours during the voting week (not immediately after someone votes), but candidates may not campaign at or near the voting terminal or idle nearby.

Candidates must be elected by an absolute majority of votes, not a plurality. Meaning, a candidate must have greater than 50% of the total votes cast to be elected. In the event of a tie between two candidates where they are more than two candidates or a non-majority, a runoff election will be held to determine the winner among the two candidates with the most votes cast for them of the candidates.

If after a runoff election has occurred and no candidate has the majority, the senators that were elected by majority will vote to determine who will win the seat. In the event of a tie of the elected senators in determining the winner, the Staff will cast the tie breaking vote.

The winners will be announced after voting has closed and a special server-wide event for the inauguration of senators will take place the first day of their term.

Senator Benefits of Service

For their service, Galactic Senators receive the following benefits:
  • All characters on the account of an elected Galactic Senator will have an overhead title tag “(Galactic Senator)” appear above their name. This title tag is not removable, appears on all characters, and does not use the “Character Title” slot. When a Senator is no longer in office, they will receive a “Former Galactic Senator” character title and will no longer have the overhead title tag that is reserved for Senators currently in office.
  • All Senators, upon inauguration, will receive on a character of their choice, a Senate Pod Vehicle, which is an exclusive, permanent vehicle reward available only to elected Senators.
  • Senators are identified in Discord with a gold name.
  • A single Senator each term is awarded the Senate Medallion of Superior Service by the Development Team in recognition of a Senator who has gone above and beyond their duties to support the project and development initiatives. The medallion is a unique, wearable, glowing necklace awarded to all characters of the Senator's account and features a one-time customizable stat mod.

Senator Non-Disclosure Policy

Senate meetings and conversations with the Development Team are confidential, as is any other information that may be shared with a Senator that is not widely public knowledge. Senators who breach confidentiality will not only be violating the credence of the Senate program but also our Terms of Service and will be subject to disciplinary action.


Senators are valuable to both the development team, and the community - as such they are expected to remain active for the length of their term. Going 35 days without logging into the game or notifying their fellow senators of their absence may result in removal from office.

Complaints and Disputes Regarding Senators

In general, the Development Team will not intervene in complaints about Galactic Senators unless conduct amounts to violations of these policies or our Terms of Service. The Development Team believes the appropriate recourse for players who are unhappy with their Senator is to take their frustration to the ballot box during the next voting period. Notwithstanding, the Development Team reserves the right to intervene in any conduct which could potentially harm the integrity of the senate program or project and may change the program guidelines at any time.

Removal From and Vacancies in Office

Senators are representatives of our community. As such, misconduct resulting in infractions or suspensions, inactivity, breaching confidentiality, or participating in any other behavior that would reflect negatively on the SWG Restoration project may result in dismissal from the Galactic Senate program. If a senator has been removed from or leaves office, The Development Team, in consultation with the Senate, will determine an appropriate course of action to ensure the constituents maintain their representation and senate activities are without disruption.

Past Senators

Spring 2022

  • GCW: Drak
  • Melee: Rozay
  • Medic: Ralna
  • Ranged: Oxian
  • Social: Skyde*
  • Artisan: Suma
  • Outdoors: C4rp3 Noctum
  • Space: Narmy
  • Hybrid: Silayn
  • PvP: Rohlan

Fall 2022

  • GCW: DJ Gonk
  • Melee: Rozay
  • Medic: Ralna
  • Ranged: Remis
  • Social: Skyde
  • Comms. Programs: Seilene
  • Artisan: SoloWest*
  • Outdoors: Latt
  • Space: Jinx
  • Hybrid: Prudii
  • PvP: Rohlan

Spring 2023

  • GCW: Pete
  • Melee: Banth
  • Medic: Ralna
  • Ranged: Remis
  • Social: Daesha
  • Comms. Programs: Daesha
  • Force Sensitive: Rohlan
  • Artisan: PhilmorALF*
  • Outdoors: Lootenant Dan
  • Space: Sabatho
  • Hybrid: Colonel Meow
  • PvP: Volkish

*Denotes winner of the Senate Medallion of Superior Service