Project Roadmap | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Project Roadmap

The SWG Restoration Roadmap depicts where we are and where we're going with our project's development from a birds-eye feature-level view and is an overall reflection of our goals for the next several years. Anyone in the community, working with the Galactic Senate, can also share their suggestions and ideas on PlayerVoice, where popular ideas upvoted by the community are considered for implementation by the Developement Team.

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Last Updated: 2023-07-10

Coming Soon...

These are features and content that are designed and in the implementation stage with intended release within the next couple of major updates.

  • Jedi, Visibility System, The Village, and Ilum: Experience the journey of playing a Jedi in the era of the Galactic Empire, while battling mechanics that make it hard to keep your wearabounts hidden from Bounty Hunters looking for their latest score. As part of your experience, you’ll continue the unlock journey through Jedi Padawan, visiting new scenes, and gaining support from a familiar Star Wars ally.
  • 5 New Player Species: The vast universe has opened the doors to new playable species you can add to your Star Wars story.
  • Player Activity Awards System (PAAS): Also known as Veteran Rewards, this system will unlock exclusive items and enhancements for your characters based on your play time and concurrent days logged in.


These are features slotted into our development timeline that we’ve solidified as future content and are currently ideating over in partnership with the Galactic Senate.

  • Force Ranking System: Players will be able to advance their Force-Inclined characters through challenges of wit and might against the world and other players, unlocking an even greater control of the Force and earning their spot amongst the most elite and powerful.
  • Tutorial: Learn the ropes of the Combat Upgrade faster with a new instanced tutorial experience to guide new players through combat and other game systems.
  • Enhancements: Several professions will be refactored and improved, including: Squad Leader, Teras Kasi Artist, Creature Handler, Ranger, and Melee Bounty Hunter.
  • Space Advancements: Ace Pilots that are Ace of Aces will have new opportunities and rewards in an expanded space system. The addition of fuel will add a rich new mechanic to the dynamics of space for economic stability and player opportunity.


These are features and content that we’re still exploring or have brainstormed on but haven’t officially adopted them as part of our development timeline. Items in this category may change drastically or be deprioritized.

  • Artisan Renaissance: Additional tools, systems, and player infrastructure to keep the galactic economy on track, including Merchant drop off/pick up boxes, vendor customization, new structure permissions, elite harvesters, changes to surveying, and a recalibration of crafting stations and tools.
  • Mini-Events: At least three new content areas; a Casino, a Nunaball Arena, and a Podracing Track. These exciting minigame experiences allow for players to explore new parts of the Star Wars galaxy while competing for ranks and rewards.
  • Enhanced Communities: Interconnection of game systems to Discord, more features to organize and manage your Guilds, improved buildings and spawnable options to customize Player Cities, and a Regional Governor system allowing politics to play a new role in every player’s experience.
  • The Syndicate Swell: A new criminality system, lead by Smugglers with opportunities for criminality or heroism, with potentially dire consequences will allow certain less than reputable organizations to gain footholds in the galaxy.
  • Galactic Prestige: Leaderboards for the Galactic Civil War, Fishing, and other game systems will recognize top players. Those continually advancing their skills in the professions will earn a new form of recognition through prestige.
  • User Interface and Appearance Upgrades: Improvements to the User Interface to enable a 4K+ Resolution UI and additional utilities, including a Third Toolbar and Adventure Window to easily browse and start game content. Additional improvements include the “ReTex” project, focused on improving the game’s graphics engine and individual texture appearance.
  • A New World, and Death Star II: Redacted by Order of the Empire.