Project Roadmap | SWG Restoration III

Project Roadmap

The Restoration III Roadmap depicts where we are and where we're going with our project's development from a birds-eye feature-level view and is an overall reflection of our goals for the next several years. Anyone in the community, working with the Galactic Senate, can also share their suggestions and ideas on PlayerVoice, where popular ideas upvoted by the community are considered for implementation by the Developement Team.

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Last Updated: 2022-01-17

Publish 1.0

1.0 welcomes anticipated adventures and professions, includes massive quality of life improvements, and bug fixes to bring Star Wars Galaxies into 2022. Through analysis of economic data, we’ll make changes to stabilize the game economy and will build upon the scalable infrastructure that keeps our community active, safe, and fun.

A Sea of Lava

Mustafar returns to Star Wars Galaxies offering more than 30 quest lines and experiences. This adventure planet contains iconic points of interest, relics worth collecting, powerful weapons, dangerous dungeons, and more—all balanced for the Combat Upgrade.

Server Progression

Working together under a unifying set of complex goals, players can unlock new content areas, like Restuss and Heroics, after meeting server-wide prerequisites for the galaxy. Learn more about the Progression System here.

The Force is With You

Start your journey to becoming a powerful Jedi, constrained by the era of the Galactic Empire, which poses unique challenges as a thriving Force Sensitive community to take in a youngling for training is nonexistent. Consequently, the process of becoming a Jedi will be a demanding, stimulating, and individualized experience for every inhabitant of the Star Wars Galaxy. Discovery of The Force will require exploration throughout the ground and space on group and solo adventures. Everything encountered along the way, from artifacts and horticulture to creatures and conclaves, will play a role in your saga.

Publish 1.1

1.1 aims to energize and foster the community that develops following the introduction of Jedi and Mustafar with repeatable mini-events, profession improvements, new player experiences, and new playable species.

Profession and Droid Enhancements

A complete overhaul to the Ranger and Commando professions, each geared towards their unique skill sets and utility. Other professions will see the introduction of new tools to better support group activities, including new abilities for Squad Leader. Additionally, we’ll be making adjustments to the mechanics of player-owned droids which will affect how they perform in combat, with a focus on increasing their available feature sets while balancing their overall combat role.

Merchant Renaissance

Additional tools, systems, and player infrastructure to keep the galactic economy on track, including Merchant drop off/pick up boxes, new structure permissions, elite harvesters, changes to surveying, and a recalibration of crafting stations and tools.

New Experiences

At least three new content areas; a Casino, a Huttball Arena, and a Podracing Track. These exciting minigame experiences allow for players to explore new parts of the Star Wars galaxy while competing for ranks and rewards.

Teaching the New and Recognizing the Old

A refreshed tutorial experience at Tansarii Point Station to help ease players into the world of Star Wars Galaxies along with a veteran rewards system, the Player Activity Award System (PAAS), will be introduced to recognize players for their loyalty and activity.

Publish 2.0

Revamped PvP and Galactic Civil War systems are the focus of 2.0, along with the enhancement of community driven mechanics like bounty hunting and guilds.

A Galaxy in Conflict

Dynamic city invasions, galaxy-wide squirmishes, factional base busting, and the introduction of factional crafting contracts creates new and exciting ways for players to shape the state of the Galaxy and gives them something meaningful to fight for.

Champions of The Force

Introducing the Force Ranking System (FRS), players will be able to advance their Force-Inclined characters through challenges of wit and might against the world and other players, unlocking an even greater control of the Force and earning their spot amongst the most elite and powerful.

Building Community, Bringing War

Introducing advanced guild management, new guild features to empower recruitment, member management, and guild-to-guild engagement, as well as changes to the war mechanics making it easier to join up and get involved in the different communities on R3 and encouraging guilds as groups to participate in the Galactic Civil War and other game content.

Publish 2.1

Publish 2.1 enhances elements of the Galactic Civil War, empowers player cities with additional options and improvements, and lets citizens leverage a regional government system that lets select playersto take elect players to take control of operations forof an entire planet, assuming control over different in-game systems with the ability to create lasting (positive and negative) impact for players, friends or foes.

Rebuilding Player Cities

A refresh of player cities with enhanced building options available as end game crafting components, along with other exciting customization options will allow for further utility, counteract urban sprawl, and encourage roleplay opportunities.

Factional Presence and Planetary Control

Building on the launch of the complete Galactic Civil War mechanics, the factional presence system and the planetary control game will see thoughtful redesign such that planetary and galactic control has valuable and meaningful impact across the galaxy. GCW Leaderboards will be introduced to recognize with merit and reward the individual, guilds, and cities making the most contributions towards the war.

A Fishing Frenzy

The mechanics around and value of fishing will reach new depths while also introducing a leaderboard for tracking and recognizing the best catches that players, cities, and guilds reel in.

Publish 3.0+

These updates add both custom content, and the finishing touches to our current plan for the project.

The Syndicate Swell

A new criminality system with the scaling potential of dire consequences if not addressed will allow certain less than reputable organizations to gain footholds in the galaxy where they have never been seen before. Bounty Hunters will see the opportunity to learn melee skills and smugglers will have an expanded role in multiple parts of the game with new paths for crime or heroism.

Vendor Vindication

Vendors will see the addition of new customization options and Merchants new and unique abilities for managing their shop. Additional changes will work to create more cohesion and codependency between the artisan professions, and cosmetics, different vendor types, and a new decoration system will help each shop feel like a unique experience.

Galactic Prestige

Progress your character even when the level cap has been reached, taking the meaning of “Master” to new heights by using your XP to gain unique badges, leaderboard placement, and access to vanity items which recognize the true depth and breadth of your experience with a profession.

Capital Ships, A New World, and Death Star II

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The End of the Road

Following our Publish 3 updates, we enter the exciting challenge of predominantly focusing on the design of completely original content from scratch. We are committed to iterating on this project for as long as there are players who enjoy it, in tandem with ideas generated by the community. Thank you for playing and May The Force Be With You!