Meet the Team | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Meet the Team

SWG Restoration is a non-profit, community-driven fan project powered by these amazing volunteers. Want to help bring back the best game ever? Join us.

Community Division

Our Community Division consists of Community Support, Marketing, and Events. The team is dedicated to helping the game grow and players prosper.

Development Division

The Development Division is responsible for both client and server design and development, as well as maintaining our services like the website and game. Our content and engine developers use a mix of proprietary tools, Java, C++, and web-based languages to program the game client, engine and scripts that make the server run on our native AWS architecture.

Production and Operations Division

Our Production and Operations Division is responsible for narrative development of new content and tracking the lore of the server, new artistic assets for the game, Trust and Safety, business intelligence and analysis and the internal enablement of project functions.

Blue Glowies (Retired Staff)

  • JarJar, Founder and Developer (2021-22)
  • Sky, Founder and Developer (2021-22)
  • Katalaw, Developer (2021-23)
  • Jormungandr, Quality Assurance (2022)
  • Raziel, Community Relations (2022)
  • Janet, Community Relations (2022)
  • Vegvisir, Quality Assurance (2022)
  • Tynan, Community Relations (2023)