Meet the Team | SWG Restoration III

Meet the Team

Restoration III is a non-profit, community-driven fan project powered by these amazing volunteers. Want to help bring back the best game ever? Join us.

Project Leadership

  • Halo - Founder and Project Administrator
  • Sky - Project Administrator
  • Archic - Development Lead
  • Aconite - DevOps and Services Lead
  • CNiper - Community Relations Lead


Our Development Team is responsible for both client and server design and development, including the creation of new game assets and content, as well as maintaining our services like the website and game. Our design-focused developers use tools like Maya and Photoshop to create new objects while our content and engine developers use Java and C++ to program the game client, engine and scripts that make the server run.

Community Relations

Our Community Relations team is responsible for the public affairs activities of our project. In a typical day, you can find them writing press releases or announcements, posting on our social channels, engaging with our Community Partners, planning events, and acting as a liason between the community and the development team.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Team is the backbone of our project. They provide integral support to the development team by testing and verifying reported bugs as well as ensuring new content made by the development team is working as intended before its public release. These team members also manage our Test Center and coordinate player testing groups through Discord.

Blue Glowies (Retired Staff)

  • JarJar, Founder and Developer (2022)
  • Jormungandr, Quality Assurance (2022)
  • Raziel, Community Relations (2022)