Account Usernames are directly tied to your in-game characters. Because of how the data is structured, transitioning characters to a new account is a lengthy and technically complicated process that requires direct developer engagement. Consequently, we limit account username changes with data transfer to only the circumstances as described below.

You may petition Community Support to change your account username with a character data transfer if either:
  1. You used your legal name in your account username or another name that is highly likely to publicly identify your "in real life" persona if it is used in postings.
  2. Your username becomes associated with repeated harassment or abuse from other players, such that you are targeted by your account username and therefore wish to change it.
Community Support will not make exceptions to change usernames for any other reason with account character data transfers. However, Community Support will generate a new account with a different username and suspend the existing account without transferring characters, meaning all your characters, accomplishments, and items will be lost, as a one-time courtesy upon request.

If you petition Community Support to have your account username changed as a courtesy request without character data transfer, we will process the request within 48 hours, and your character data will be permanently lost forever.