Restoration III does not take the issuance of suspensions or bans lightly and hopes that all users can find a home in our galaxy. At the same time, we take seriously our obligations to ensuring a safe, active, and fun community and therefore strictly enforce our Community Standards and Terms of Service. In the event an account is suspended or banned and the player believes the ban is a mistake, unjust, or should otherwise be lifted or modified, the following process must be followed:

Players whose accounts are banned will see the following menu when they login to their account:


Ban appeals can be filed by selecting the "File Ban Appeal" menu item and submitting a ticket. In the body of your ticket, please include the following information:
  1. The service you were banned from (Game, Discord, etc.) and the reason you believe you were banned.
  2. A detailed explanation of why you believe the ban is unjust or should be modified/lifted
We will evaluate all requests based on the merits and individual circumstances of each suspension or ban.

Restoration III uses the following internal process to evaluate ban appeals:

A ban appeal is evaluated by a 3 person ad hoc committee:
  1. The person who issued the ban;
  2. The Community Manager or other Senior Community Representative;
  3. One outside staff member not involved in community relations (e.g. development or quality assurance)
  4. If person 1 and 2 are the same, another outside staff member will participate in the committee.
The committee will vote on if/how the suspension or ban should be modified with the majority ruling. A response to the appeal will usually be received within 7 days from the initial request. You can check the status of your appeal by visiting the "Check Ban Appeal Status" page from the above menu.

Appealing an infraction will follow the same process, however, you will not see the "Ban Appeal" menu. You can access the correct department for submitting the ticket by selecting "Support" from the main menu then "Open a Support Ticket."