To report content you believe is inappropriate that is on our forums, use the "Report" button at the bottom of the post or message. This will flag the message for our moderators to review and remove if necessary.

To report content you believe is inappropriate in Discord, you can post a message tagging @Moderator or you can send a private message to anyone with a Staff tag.

To report a player who is sending chat communications in-game that violate our Community Standards (e.g. harassment, threats of harm, abuse, etc.) or any other messages that you feel are inappropriate and should be reviewed, please use the in-game command /report by typing in your chatbox /report <player first name>. For example, if you are reporting a character named Luke Skywalker, you would type /report luke. You must have a chat message from the player you are reporting within the last ten (10) minutes from what you are placing your report.

Please note that because of the prevalence of photo manipulation tools like Photoshop, we are unable to accept or investigate reports of inappropriate chat messages that are sent via screenshots or videos. All reports must come from the use of the in-game /report command.

When you use the /report command, a ticket is automatically generated in our support system on your behalf, and the log of the last ten (10) minutes from when you submitted your report is included. To protect the privacy of all members, we are unable to disclose the results of any investigation or the actions taken against any account, however, if you wish to follow up with additional information, you can do so via your auto-generated ticket. To view your tickets, log in to the website, select the "Support" menu, then select "View Your Support Tickets."

For behavior that is not chat-related, please submit a ticket describing the incident and we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

You can always use the /addIgnore command (e.g. /addIgnore luke) to block a player if you no longer wish to receive messages from them in spatial chat or tells. We recognize some players don't always speak in a manner you'd want to read, but may not necessarily be violating the rules, in which case using /addIgnore is most appropriate.

In Discord, you can use the "Block" feature to no longer see messages from a user. To block someone, simply right click their name and select "Block."