Community Partner Content Standards | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Community Partner Content Standards

Last Revised: December 4, 2021

In general, we do not wish to constrain creators from exercising their own discretion and creativity in determining what content is hosted on their platforms, however, because the Community Partner Program also creates an affiliation between the Community Partner and Restoration III, we do maintain a few guidelines which we expect our Community Partners to adhere to when creating content on their channel(s):

The channel (and all of its content, respectively) may not express views which espouse hate, harass others, or which discuss harmful and/or discriminatory ideologies. It is impossible to include a comprehensive list of such content, but we generally mean any content that a reasonable person might perceive to be racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc.

The channel (and all of its content, respectively) may not contain depictions or discussions of a sexual or violent nature whosoever outside of that which is appropriate in a gaming context.

The channel (and all of its content, respectively) may not discuss “IRL” identities or other information about any players or staff of Restoration III unless that information has been intentionally made public by the person who is being discussed and there is no potential for IRL harm to the person as a result of said discussion.

We recognize at times that the direction of the development team might be at odds with what a creator invisions for the project. We invite and encourage all criticisms directed at any development choice, but we will not tolerate personal attacks on any individual Staff member from our Community Partners.

Community Partners should contact Community Relations to understand and accurately report on features they discuss or to request comment from the Development Team. While we welcome discussion and criticism, as stewards of our community identity that have an elevated presence, it is important the positions of Restoration III are accurately depicted in reporting and content created or distributed by Community Partners.