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Open Outdoors creature handler

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Aug 28, 2021
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i vote for this change to be made
thank you for letting us have a voice and thank you for this game
it would make creature handler great again as a master you should beable to tame anything like in old precue
it would be more motivation to play a true creature handler master then a nerfed one
so i was wondering if you guys could fix creature handler tameing and make it set tameing vicious to 100 at master
because when you get to lvl 80 and you take mission you cant tame anything so its kinda nerfed right now its set tame vicious creature 50 at master this is my favorite class i wanted to tame a grual so far the lowest one i found was lvl 51 and that still to high lvl to tame
and i looked all over plz fix this i would be greatfull