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Jun 13, 2021
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Allow players to obtain the large PoD banner from Menagerie.
Other posters tied to the PoD can be collected by completing a collection or a quest, this one cannot.
This fine piece of artwork does not have much spotlight as it should.
I believe players would love to express their view on the Jedi through it.
*PoD - Patriots of Dathomir.

Give players a way to obtain the large PoD banner displayed inside the Menagerie. This is a nice piece of propaganda and I believe lots of players would love to hang it inside their houses to express their views on the Jedi.

This large poster is the only piece left from the PoD propaganda series that is unavailable.
Here are the rest:
There could be a few ways to get it:
  1. Purchase from a Patriot Recruiter, located at Dathomir Trade Outpost, for a respectable price.
  2. Purchase from a Patriot Vendor or Coordinator inside the Menagerie for a respectable price.
  3. Complete a Patriot-related collection. Give Patriots that spawn around Dathomir a chance to drop a collectible. Once a player collects 5/7 or 10 of the pieces, they receive the banner.
In all cases, I'm proposing to make the banner Tradable.

The Large Banner in question:


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