Not Implemented - Other - Long awaited Return of a now old Veteran player:) -- Oops sorry just noticed this isnt the right place to post this, but where can i? | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Not Implemented Other Long awaited Return of a now old Veteran player:) -- Oops sorry just noticed this isnt the right place to post this, but where can i?

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Feb 6, 2022
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No proposal, just questions for myself
As above
Because I want to play but need to satisfy my time spent on the game won't be in vain.
Hi, I used to play way back when the game was released in 2003 until the NGE then it's closure. I was one of the fools that decided to try for Jedi straight away and try to unlock my 3 mystery professions and never did. I believe I completed about 22/24 professions if I am remembering right and never unlocked it when came the update so everyone could be a Jedi, which I was so angry about..:mad::mad:

Anyway I don't know how I have missed these emulators until now when I seen a review of this site but then started looking and seen a few other emulators like SWG:Legends etc. I logged on and tried a little bit and thought ....Wow this brings back memories although could hardly remember what to do:):)

Apologies in advance but can I just asked a few questions before I devote so much time to the game.
  1. What is the differences between all the emulators and why should i pick this one?
  2. Read SWG:Legends is the most popular one? I know I am on a different site but try to stay neutral answering this please:)
  3. I tried to look how you guys fund this but how do you maintain the standards if it isn't a full time paid job and is in your spare time?
  4. Will this have longevity due to point 2 above? Is the funding enough to keep going?
  5. How many players are playing this, is this population enough for longevity?
As i say sorry but just some thoughts I am thinking as I know once hooked again my life wont be the same and the grief will return from my wife sending too much time on it:):rolleyes:
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May 28, 2021
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1. Each emulator has its own content and features, this is the only one similar to the CU and has the perfect mix of NGE content but with pre cu classes and great combat.
2. Legends is the most popular NGE server
3. Like all servers they have a donation system to support the server
5. You can check the pop hovering your cursor over the ONLINE live server tab on the main page. It has been growing and we are between 280-490 depending on the day/time
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