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Approved 15minute inactivity timeout

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Feb 21, 2023
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1. Change kick to be after macro dump again
2. When flagged inactive you do not receive activity time
Discussed on discord and asked to raise a pv to discuss
My actual play time doing fun things is now doing the dross things trying not to be logged out.
The recent change where when you are kicked after 15 minutes of activity hurts alot of the mundane boring jobs that need doing like lyase, junk, stat loot, sampling but now you need to be constantly be there which isn't fun and makes the game a chore .

I assume this will even effect dual boxing.

I understand the stopping of AFK and I DONT want it to be like legends .

The previous system with a kick after being inactive after the macro dump was perfect for no abuse and the ability to do mundane jobs atk but not dialed in focused on it. Maybe working for example now we are all at home.
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Jan 26, 2022
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My two cents:

I'm all for limiting afk farming (one of the big positives of Resto imo) but there should be a balance to prevent the tedious parts of the game becoming too tedious. The previous system seemed to work well for this (obviously don't count the rewards timer after 15mins still).

Potential alternatives for consideration if the afk position is set:
1. Increase the (11pt) Lyase drop rate.
2. Intriduce a way to break down weapons/armour/stuff (into junk).
3. Introduce a method to harvest or pay NPCs to 'harvest' resources from Mustafar/Kash.
4. Add shellfish harvesters/traps.

I might be missing something but if the 15min timer stays, there is no longer any reason for the macro timer (so it could be disabled)?
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