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This idea/suggestion is Open. You can respond to ask questions or discuss the idea and either vote it up or down if you believe it should or should not be implemented, respectively. Popular suggestions and ideas will be considered by the development team to become reality in-game.
Jun 7, 2021
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Ithor, Tafanda Bay (Herdship City)
3rd GCW faction
Provides a 3rd option that should have been in the game. Not like merceneary which is totally empty
Would like to be a third faction and gain GCW and not be forced to be Reb and Imp
3rd faction, unlike mercenary you get GCW points and a rank. with the perks as with rebel or imperial. (new perks in the higher ranks or same exact as reb and imp). Cannot take over planets, BUT can help the rebel or imperial faction by declaring. Instead of waiting 5 days, 3 Day wait for rank 6 and above only.
ranks 7-12 the officer ranks get badges too.

Being a mercenary is boring and empty this adds something extra for those that don't care about rebels vs imps. we already have middle factions in space so this would add more of the star wars feel to the game, for street thugs and misfits that don't follow the rules of the 1 and 2 factions of the galaxy.
Again same model rules for gcw xp etc applied as rebel and imp.

Mercenary would stay as it is....dead.

Rank 1 (Thug) - Rank 6
Rank 7 - Rank- 12 (Crime Lord)
May 28, 2021
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Underworld should already work both sides. Maybe a resurgent Trade Federation. If at all. I wont vote it down, but I see no need for it.