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Community News A New Standard for Financial Transparency

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A New Standard for Financial Transparency

Since starting Restoration III, we've always emphasized the importance of building trust with our community. Today we're announcing our next step in elevating that trust by setting a new standard for financial transparency with the introduction of and transition to Open Collective, our new donation platform that acts as a public ledger.

Collecting Donations & Tracking Expenses

With our Open Collective, you'll be able to donate as either a one-time or recurring donation. Payments can be sent by credit card - with every transaction publicly recorded for the community to see. Conversely, when we take money out of Open Collective to put against operating costs, you will also be able to see these transactions.


Our Operating Budget

As part of our effort to elevate our financial transparency, we have made our monthly operating budget public as well. These expenses may change over time, but the latest version can always be found here: Our budget reflects our new investments in server and development infrastructure you'll see coming to life over the next several weeks.

Thank You

Your support of Restoration III is greatly appreciated - while those who donate will not receive any perks, rewards, benefits, or any form of recognition - as a non-profit, community-driven, fan project, donations are integral to keep the project alive and the community intact, and we're immensely grateful for every member that takes part in that effort.

Open Collective is implemented now and the Donations Widget on the home page of the website has been updated to reflect its progress, the new monthly goal based on our budget, and to link directly to the Open Collective. If you have any questions, please contact or reach out to Community Support.

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration III Team
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