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Open Artisan A posed stormtrooper statue crafting collection

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Jul 7, 2021
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I’m bringing forward a motion to change the required profession required to learn the “posed stormtrooper schematic” from Master Architect, to novice Armorsmith, or remove no trade from the helper monkey reward.
The other helper monkey rewards are collections completed by crafting things in their own field of expertise. The Armorsmith or weaponsmith is forced to take on the Architect profession, in order to complete this collection for their respective main prof.

Making novice Armorsmith allows any craft profession outside tailors or chefs, to simply spend 6 points to attain the required profession. As it stands now, full build weapon or armorsmiths must take on an entirely different master class profession. An Armorsmith/tailor/merchant for example, must remove a class that has value to their business, in order to master a completely unrelated class to attain a reward that is irrelevant to that class taken, but very relevant to their initial class.

Although it is furniture, the statue is primarily featuring armor, which can still fall properly under an armorsmiths crafting ability.
To allow armorsmiths, and even weaponsmiths to be able to craft these statues and be rewarded an item that would directly affect their primary professions.
A collection formed after NGE, and dwindled down ‘trader’ professions brought forth this schematic craftable by master traders specialized in munitions. This meant an Armorsmith could in fact craft it, and the collection reward for crafting 20 of them, was a munitions helper monkey. As it stands now, reverting from NGE to CU professions, a master architect is required to craft them. Completing this collection to be rewarded an item that has nothing to do with architect.
May 29, 2021
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I agree the crafting quota should be given to the crafting profession that benefits from the reward. I have a question though - has anyone completed this yet? I want to know what is the reward exactly, because there are no helper monkeys with crafting bonuses on R3, due to how CH profession works on here. I know people who have completed the fish tank quota receive a necklace with architect bonuses, but I’m not sure what posed stormtrooper quota gives exactly. Following other PVs about collection rewards, I have prepared a list for the dev team to review when possible for them. I’d add this quota too, when I get enough information about it.
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