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About PlayerVoice - What is It & How to Use It

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Sep 24, 2021
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As a community-driven fan project, SWG Restoration III believes in providing its player a voice, hence PlayerVoice! In the PlayerVoice forum, any member of the community can post a suggestion or idea which can be voted on by other players. Popular suggestions are then considered for implementation.

What suggestions should be posted in PlayerVoice?
Any suggestion you have about making a change or adding to the game. Most commonly, suggestions will come in the form of QoL (Quality of Life) improvements or other enhancements to the existing systems, but completely new ideas are welcome as well.

Who can post a suggestion?
Any member can participate in PlayerVoice but your account must have been registered for at least 90 days (3 months) to post threads or comments. Any member can vote on an existing thread at any time.

What information should be included when posting a suggestion?
The following questions will be asked in the thread submission form to ensure your suggestion provides enough information for it to properly be discussed by the community and evaluated by the development team:
  • What is motivating this suggestion? What is the problem and why is it a problem now?
  • What is your proposal? Exactly and specifically, what should be changed and how?
  • What is the justification for making this specific change and how will it impact the affected parties?
What happens after a suggestion is posted?
Once a suggestion has been posted, members of the community can vote on it.

How many members must vote for a suggestion to be implemented?
Voting works through aggregation, meaning the total score on a suggestion takes into account positive (upward) votes and negative (downward) votes to come out to an overall popularity score. We don't set an arbitrary number that a suggestion needs to reach because activity from the community varies and the number of voters may be dynamic from issue to issue (consider that if you are a PvP'er, you may not even read or vote on suggestions impacting Roleplay). Generally, the Development Team will review suggestions intermittently and may comment (more on that below). After several weeks, we will review the suggestion and it may be flagged with one of the statuses explained below.

How should I vote?
If you think an idea should be implemented, upvote it (the equivalent of voting yes). If you do not think an idea should be implemented, downvote it (the equivalent of voting no). If you do not have an opinion, you do not need to vote either for or against the issue. If you are split about an idea, post comments and provide feedback or improvements to the suggestion you think should be addressed.

My suggestion has been labeled with "Feedback Needed." What does this mean?
To understand more about an idea, the Development Team may flag an issue as "Feedback Needed" which means that they have posted in the thread asking follow-up questions about the suggestion. The type of feedback requested may be a request for additional information or may propose a different solution.

What do the different thread prefix tags mean?
Suggestions may be marked with one of the following tag indicators:
  • Open - This is the default tag for a suggestion, which means that voting and discussion is open. Members can respond with feedback or additions/edits to an idea and vote on if they think the suggestion should be implemented.
  • Feedback Needed - This means that more information is needed or feedback has been requested from the Development Team. This prefix is explained in the question above.
  • Implemented - This suggestion has already been (or will be) implemented. An explanation post providing an approximated timeline for implementation (and any other details, such as if the Development Team is deviating from the suggestion as proposed) will be linked in the original post.
  • Not Implemented - This means that either because of a lack of popularity, lack of interest, lack of feasibility, or other determination by the Development Team, the suggestion will not be implemented. Once a suggestion has been flagged this way, the decision is final. Although the issue may be raised again in the future after a six-month cooldown. A response explanation from the Development Team will be linked in the original post.
I thought Galactic Senators were in charge of suggestions and ideas?
Galactic Senators may bring forward suggestions, but their primary role is to work closely with the Development Team to provide feedback on planned game updates and to be representative of the community voice in discussions with Staff. PlayerVoice is intended to allow any player to share an amazing idea.

Where else can I discuss the suggestion or ask questions about proposing suggestions?
The best place to discuss informally or to ask follow-up questions (or questions to the Development Team) is to use the #feedback-and-ideas channel in Discord.
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