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Open Space Ace Collections Alternatives

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Jun 2, 2022
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Add organic encounters with GCW and Privateer Aces for space content combat.
Improves player experience with diverse ways to engage in Ace Slayer collections for space.
Introduces challenging and random encounters with Top Tier Aces during space events.
Reward players for taking the risk of going overt for GCW and engaging in Smuggler PVP missions.
Addressing potential rewards in Ace Slayer collections.
Providing alternative and new style of gameplay experiences for spaces.
Ace Collections Alternatives

Alternatives for completing GCW Ace Collections:
GCW aces randomly appear in different space systems to create a level of tense and challenge for players intercepting potential threats when they appear on the GCW warpad.
Defeating GCW aces during random events or space battles adds progress to Rebel/Imperial Ace Slayer Collections.
Players defeating GCW aces during these events could earn a bonus in GCW points and GCW space tokens (Suggestion).
Players would need to be overt to engage and defeat GCW aces in random encounters and space battles to get rewards.
This is a way so players can be rewarded for taking the risk to engage in potential space PVP and also fighting against high tier GCW aces.
Players who want to fight GCW aces as combatants can do Tier 7 GCW patrols by going to the space station that gives out the missions and get credit for the ace collection.

Alternatives for Privateer Ace Collections:
Smugglers on Smuggler Space Missions can face random attacks by privateer aces from tier 7 Privateer patrols, seeking to claim a player's smuggler contraband.
Players can hyperspace out to avoid Privateer Aces (ex: Boba Fett, Nym, Guri or even Lando), but the NPC Aces follow a player to their new location.
Defeating Privateers aces rewards players with underworld bonuses, extra slicing loot, credits, and counts toward privateer ace slayer collections. (Suggestion)
Smugglers need to engage in Smuggler PVP missions to trigger random encounters with privateer aces in space.