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Open Other Social Add a 30 second overlap between starting/stopping performances for buffs to continue

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Sep 20, 2022
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Allow an entertainer up to 30 seconds after ending a performance to start up again before it drops the timers from anyone who is listening and watching.
This will allow for several benefits. In no particular order.
  • IF the entertainer accidently moves, they can start performing again without the need to start the timers over again for those listening. This happens quite often when you are alt-tabbing back and forth as an alt and immediately start typing a message. ( I had to change my movement keys so I can only move while holding shift and ctrl to prevent this from happening).
  • This also allows entertainers to stop briefly to give training to other entertainers without ruining buff timers!
  • This would also allow entertainers to stop briefly to re-setup holo entertainers which only have a 1 hour timer, and continue on without ruining buff timers.
  • The biggest one, this would allow musicians to use the start band, and stop band tools in their macros, adding 2 new flourishes essentially to every song, and allowing more use of features that are literally never used when playing music in cantina's for buffing.
Inability for entertainers to train others, mistakes often reset timers which requires people to start listening all over again, which delays how fast they get back into the grind. It also takes the unique music that plays during start and stop band/music and makes them usable for entertainers because they could stop and start for a new song rather then using changeband, making the experience more authentic and immersive.
See everything above.
May 28, 2021
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Very nice QoL here, it can be annoying accidentally stepping and all timers stopping. Adding in setting up Holo's is great too as they are underused atm, probably for that reason. Great PV.