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Open Other Add Bunker Spawn Mission Terminal (or NPC)

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Nov 16, 2021
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Create 1 new mission terminal (or NPC) per planet that spawns a bunker waypoint (similar to how Ridth quest is set up) for additional high-level group content. Fill that bunker with 80-90 CL NPCs and give a hefty payout to help balance ground game.
-Offer other terminal missions than just spins
-Increase in ground game payouts
-Utilize similar mechanics to existing quests
-Quick higher-end content for groups
Brainstorming ways to use existing mechanics to more easily make new content. Just like the Ridth quest, you could go to a mission terminal or NPC and spawn a bunker quest -can even use the same bunker layout as Ridth. Fill it with random level 80-90’s or something. Have a good payout for clearing.
There is of course a ton of great high-end content in this game but sometimes I just have like 30 minutes with a few friends. It would be cool to go “grab a bunker” from a mission terminal or NPC. In order to minimize development, you could use similar system mechanics that already exist such as the random bunker spawn on the Ridth quest. Thanks for listening!