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Open Artisan Add capability to rename a vendor/relist items on different vendor

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Jul 16, 2021
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Add capability to rename a vendor and/or withdrawal sales from a vendor and relist them on a nearby vendor
I believe these changes would be good for customers/new players as it's easier for owners of vendors to rename their vendors to reflect accurate items. Also think it's a great time-saver for merchants and makes things less of an unnecessary annoyance.
Re-Naming Capability (Priority 1):
I've had many instances where I try to be somewhat specific in what is on specific vendors and naming them accordingly. The problem comes if I want to consolidate vendors, or split what is currently on a vendor into multiple vendors. When this happens - the names are then inaccurate and if you want to lead customers to the right vendors - this throws things off and it's painful to pull everything off and relist it on a new vendor just to have an accurate name.

If you're selling 30-40 things maybe it's not that big of a deal. I've remade vendors multiple times - but I now have 5-600 items on a vendor and ran into this - it is a ton of work if I want to make changes just because I can't rename a vendor.

Withdrawing from one vendor - relisting on another (Priority 2/nice to have):
Lack of rename capability makes this worse - but the issues I run into is when I need to move a ton of items to a new vendor, I have to withdraw a ton of sales from Vendor A, Retrieve them into my inventory, and go through each item and sell them on Vendor B. Having to reprice hundreds of items at times gets tedious, but I'd say my least favorite part is when I specifically split stacks of items to sell them, and when I retrieve them they restack. So now I have to split the stacks again, which slows things down a ton.
Add capability to rename a vendor and/or relist items on different vendor