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Open Artisan Melee Add Vibro Unit Slot to Schematic of all Craftable Melee Weapons.

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Jun 8, 2021
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Allow all crafted melee weapons to benefit from the bonus' provided by a Vibro Unit, which will improve weapon diversity.
An advanced Vibro Unit can provide a small % increase to min and max damage (an example is 1.5% max/1% min) to the melee weapon it is applied to. This does directly into the weapon, not the core. This already exists in multiple melee weapons, but some are missing the slot.

Various melee weapons got a vibro unit slot added to their schematic with 1.0. This was a good change, however it did not apply to as many craftable melee weapons as it should have.

Currently, at least the following melee weapons are missing the Vibro Unit slot from the crafting schematic:

WS Schematics - Accessible to all:

Curved Sword
RSF Sword
Survival Knife

Metal Staff
Reinforced Combat Staff
Wood Staff

Deconstructables (there may be more):

Bloodshot Ripper
Unsor'is Soulleacher
Xris Acid Sword
Blackbane Nail

Lifeblood Cleaver

Knuckles of Katarn
Sayormi Heartstriker
Necrosis Nightblade

Strike Assault Lance
Kaminoan Great staff

Add an optional vibro unit slot to all melee weapon schematics you obtain from the WS skill trees. Add a required vibro unit slot to all Kashyyyk deconstructable melee weapon schematics.

Why optional on WS skill tree schematics: This is so that it does not interfere with crafters levelling the profession, so that they are able to craft weapons without this if they wish to do so. Players should also have the option to not include it to keep costs down.

Why required on deconstructable schematics: This brings it in-line with the other deconstructable kashyyyk melee weapons such as the Trandoshan Hunters Lance, and won't typically be used while levelling.
Pictures for reference.

Typical crafted Advanced Vibro Unit:


Left: schematic with Vibro Unit requirement. Right: Schematic without Vibro Unit Requirement.