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Approved Force Sensitive Adding Kashyyyk and Mustafar to possible Inciting Incident rolls

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Mar 1, 2023
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I would propose adding the 2 missing planets, Kashyyyk and Mustafar, to the incite possible planets list. Adding them into the mix would also require some tweaking to make sure that there are no impossible incite rolls specifically on those 2 planets as they are restricted in ways that other planets are not. However I still believe this would be a positive change to those players that avoid spending their playtime on those planets because of this reason.
I think by making this change, it would encourage more people to spend a larger portion of their playtime on these 2 planets, which in turn would increase the amount of groups going to tackle the end game content on them. There is currently a lot of content that is largely untouched and only a handful of people even spend time working on, it would be a positive if people knew that spending time on those planets does not stop them from obtaining other things in the game they are also working towards. I also don't think this takes anything away from the way that the B-Inciting Incident currently works and would actually add more variables into it by having 2 extra planets that are possible rolls.
The motivation behind the idea for this change is simply from what I have witnessed on my time on Resto so far, and also from information that I've seen posted about the amount of playtime actually spent on these 2 planets. There is a lack of group content taking place on either of these planets and with such a small player base currently active on Resto, it would encourage more players to spend time on 2 planets that actually have some great content on them that isn't being actively used as much as it should be.
I understand that both Kashyyyk and Mustafar have been excluded from inciting incident rolls. While this narrows down slightly the planet that people might incite on, it also discourages the people who are "chasing B" from spending their playtime on those planets. With a lot of end game content taking place on those 2 planets specifically, having a group of players less likely to spend their time on those 2 planets is actually detrimental to everyone who is putting groups together to get through the content.
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Apr 24, 2023
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Oh god I forgot about this and have done so much Kash and Musty. I'm going to go have an existential crisis. (Actually it's been a lot of fun to see parts of Kash I never did on live since everyone had moved on to Musty).

I do like the idea though because Kashyyyk and Mustafar has been almost completely abandoned every time I'm there and Mustafar especially should be involved with anything FS due to the sheer number of FS-related things on the planet.

Also since they've made "impossible incites" harder or impossible to get recently there's no reason imo to not look into adding in adventure planets.

Case in point: Fate of the Galaxy. It's hilarious to me to get through that entire story line, interact with a Force Ghost, wield an extremely powerful Force-imbued crystal, and defeat a powerful Dark Jedi... all without a lick of FS. Granted, this was true on Live too. Just really bad storytelling by SOE (and now SWTOR fell into the trap too).
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