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Open GCW PvP ALL Overt show up on Intelpad everywhere

This idea/suggestion is Open. You can respond to ask questions or discuss the idea and either vote it up or down if you believe it should or should not be implemented, respectively. Popular suggestions and ideas will be considered by the development team to become reality in-game.


Sep 5, 2021
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IntelPad Accuracy
Overt with consequences
Currently any neutral character flagging overt for either faction doesn't show up on intelpad. Systems including kessel, Kashyyk, DS, and ORD mantell don't show up at all on Intelpad if someone is overt. I crawled around Eisley under Cover and i didn't register an X overt on my rebel. The idea is make any overt player show up as an X on the War Intelpad in every system and planet if they have declared SF whether they are Neutral helper, Cloaked, or in any of the systems that don't currently register them. The only reason to go SF is to find a fight, Right?

Sep 2, 2021
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I like the idea, but one thing to consider is that showing up on the map means the player is contributing to regional control. I would think systems without galactic control regions wouldn't work for that reason.

Also, you wouldn't want people to be able to stealth and flip zones when nobody can see them. The pins are estimated locations so people would be able to take cover and flip zones without anyone being able to fight back. Same for SFs not showing up in buildings. I think they should show up in non-player buildings, but I know nothing about coding the difference. You wouldn't want someone hiding in a house and flipping a zone without being able to be attacked.
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May 28, 2021
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Agree with this PV, neutrals flagged and all factions flagged people inside buildings/under cover etc should show on the intelpad, and i wouldnt mind making the intelpad more precise
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