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Open Outdoors Allow CH XP to be obtained from Quest XP

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May 28, 2021
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Allow Creature Handlers to obtain CH XP from quests similarly to how weapon XP is recieved when handing a quest into the quest giver, for quest XP to be given as CH XP when a quest is handed in and the CH has their pet out, similarly to how weapon XP is recieved when a weapon is equipped.

Example, if a CH has a weapon equipped and their pet out they could recieve 100% quest XP for BOTH weapon and CH XP as is currently configured when recieving XP from kills.

Alternatively, (recommended) Quest XP could be split between weapon and CH XP in the event that weapon is equipped and pet is called, however as killing NPCs grants 100% XP for both weapon and CH, halving the quest XP will promote spinning with pets over questing with pets.
Creature Handler XP is currently obtained via kills in the same ratio as wepaon XP when killing NPCs. As all none weapon class professions (BH, SL, Commando, Smuggler) still require weapon XP to level in some capacity, it seems unfair these can be obtained via quests, whereas Creature Handler XP cannot.

Also, the Creature Handler profession doesnt add any additional combat mods to the player other than armor mitigation. So if a player is leveling two professions, say Pistols and Smuggler, they will be gaining additional defences and weapon speed / accuracy from both of these professions to bveenfit them in combat. CH has nothing which can increase defence or attack of the player, so it would be fair when questing for the CH level to increase at a similar rate to levelling say Pistol/Smuggler. Otherwise the player (say Rifleman / CH) will increase rifle skill and have a poorly performing pet, or vice versa.
Currently CH XP is only obatinable from killing NPCs. with involves either running in multiple spin groups or killing NPCS while questing. Killing NPCs while questing will take an extremely long time to acrue the amount of XP needed, similar to if weapon XP was to be obtained from quest xp alone.

R3 has taken advantage of the NGE mechanic to allow weapon XP be given as quest XP as an alternative to coinstant killing in spin groups, so it would be nice to see this extended to CH XP, as both weapon XP and CH XP are equal when obtained from killing NPCs.

If wepaon and CH XP were halved when handing in a quest (with pet called), this would allow for a steady levelling of both weapon and CH professions at no boost to time taken to level and therefore no advantage vs levelling two other profession simultaniously.

Spin groups will still be the optimal choice to get XP for all combat and CH XP types, but with this suggestion, CHs will also have the option to quest and to have the choice to recieve full weapon XP from quests (pet stored) or half weapon and half CH XP (pet called).

For those that play for immersion and RP, allowing to level up a pet efficiently via questing would be a very welcomed addition.
Currently Creatue Handler XP is only available from killing NPCs. I suggest allowing Creature Handlers to obtain CH XP from quests similarly how weapon XP is recieved when handing a quest into the quest giver.
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May 28, 2021
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100% behind this and just said the same in another PV. There should be a way for non weapon XP to be gained from quests. This includes but is not limited to CH/Pets.
Oct 30, 2021
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I agree that spin groups shouldn't be the only way to to get good CH xp. It's sooo easy to level fast in spin groups though... I leveled a creature to 80 once, using supplements, in about 2 hours from egg. You get massive CH xp using any kind of spray shot.

If you are having trouble leveling, for now, take marksman temporarily then any ranged ability that gives you a spray shot, and go to Avalon and hook up in some spins. You'll level very fast indeed...

I'm all for allowing quest xp though. Some people love content (myself included) and as of now, there's 0 opportunity for CH xp as a quest line end reward. Just make it work like spin xp, give you CH xp in addition to your weapons xp at quest reward time. Maybe require that your creature be out, like in spins. We should cross post this in the Science threads (Combat Medic/Doctor).

If you need any CH xp advice at all, my CH is Lootenant Dan.

Thank you for this suggestion OP! Good one :)
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