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Open PvP GCW Allow high level GCW officers to swap factions without so much penalty

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Apr 30, 2023
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To allow Majors, and above, to swap to the opposing faction when there is a server imbalance, without so much penalty.
Currently (and historically) there has been an imbalance in GCW control, in both planets, and universe. I think this would encourage players to swap factions in order to keep the game fun, and it wouldn't be such a time sink for those players to go back up the ranks again.
There is a significant imbalance when it comes to PvP at the moment, and it's happened before. I think this would help to keep pvp and gcw more interesting, and keep the players interested.
So, currently we have an imbalance in terms of GCW. This has happened before, and will probably happen again. What I propose we should we do, is let officers from the dominate faction swap to the opposite faction with not as much penalty. EG, drop down to a Major rank.

I think this would encourage officers to swap, keeping pvp more fun for everybody and keeping the GCW a little bit more balanced. I also think this should be a on a timer, so if you do this you wouldn't be able to do it again for a set amount of time to stop people faction hoping every day. Maybe something like 6 months?

This also wouldn't replace the standard way of changing faction, EG resigning, waiting the timeout period, rejoining and gaining all your GCW starting from Private. This would just be some encouragement to swap.
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