Open - Hybrid - Allow Master Smugglers to slice terminals in dungeons | Star Wars Galaxies Restoration

Open Hybrid Allow Master Smugglers to slice terminals in dungeons

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Jun 4, 2021
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Allow Master Smugglers to slice consoles where it makes contextual sense in dungeons
Slicing is essentially the hacking in Star Wars and saves time for running these dungeons making mSmugglers an awesome asset for that content
Added value for Master Smuggler
Added value for Master Smugglers for dungeons and content.

Geonosis Cave on Yavin 4 and Death Watch Bunker on Endor require key codes and key cards respectively and have a Master Smuggler be able to radial those consoles with a "slice" option.

Geo's cave consoles and the Sec A, Sec B, and Mine Door Key in DWB.
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