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Developer Diary An Update on Jedi

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4/3 Edit: April Fools from the Restoration Team!

Greetings Galaxy,

We’re writing to share an update about the future of Jedi on SWG Restoration.

Since the launch of our server, we’ve focused our vision on an enhanced experience inspired by the Combat Upgrade grounded in fictional universe realism. We previously shared an update on time and place in the galaxy and spoke to our focus of creating a game world where Jedi would be incredibly powerful but also incredibly rare to match with the reality of the time period.

We updated you on some of our efforts to limit the population of Jedi through our Jedi Ecosystem in a previous Developer Diary and have since spent substantial time grappling with how to match the timeline, storyline and desire for a fun, fictional experience together. Through protracted discussions among the Galactic Senate, Focus Groups, and the Development Team, we explored a number of possibilities and they all came down to agreeing on one truth: Jedi doesn’t make sense in this timeline of the game.

While we tried to remain open to a middle ground of verisimilitude, we have ultimately decided that there are too many holes in story and logic to reconcile in a way that doesn’t involve very heavy lifts to changing either mechanics or storyline of the Star Wars Universe. Consequently, while we will continue to allow progression to Force Sensitivity, the journey will stop there and players will be unable to become Jedi, use Force Powers, or wield a lightsaber.

In the near future, we’ll share another update with how this change will impact our roadmap and other game mechanics, but we wanted to give you this news as soon as a final decision was reached. We look forward to a bright journey for our force sensitives (just not one for Jedi, because there won't be any).

May The Force Be With You,
The SWG Restoration Development Team
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