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Approved Community Programs Announcement/News Board in Cities

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Sep 18, 2022
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Create an Announcement/News Board city object that mayors can place, similar to the already-existing Newsnet Terminal in starports (use same asset?). This board could be clicked on by players and provide a wealth of information to them regarding the city.
A announcement/news board would allow the mayor of a player city to better share information with the citizens and visitors.
It's very hard for mayors to get information out in-game regarding the city itself, news, and events that they would like to share. While there are citizen and visitor city messages, there is only so much that can be shared through them.
As a mayor of a player city, it can be difficult to convey information in-game regarding a player city and any news that the mayor would like to share.

If we had an Announcement/News Board city object, similar to the Newsnet Terminal in starports, this could help mitigate the problem. This board could be clicked on by players and provide information. It could be placed near the shuttle port or other places where people arrive. If we require people to click on it, they are not forced to see it if they don't want (i.e., not spam people with walls of text). It could advertise malls/vendors, provide details about joining the city, announce events going on, or give info on the best direction for missions from the city, etc.

Right now, it's just not possible to share all of this info in-game. Yes, much of this might be available in Discord, but players would have to tab out of the game and then search for that info. We all know that often times that's more work than many are willing to put in. If it were right at your fingertips in-game, it would be much more convenient. Cities would benefit from this. Players would benefit from this.

If we can use the same asset as the Newsnet Terminal, that could make this much easier to implement.
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Oct 12, 2022
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This is a great idea it would diff. be helpful to have all that information in-game
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