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Not Implemented Awarding a non-prerequisite THIRD character slot

This idea/suggestion has been flagged as Not Implemented because of a lack of popularity, lack of interest, lack of feasibility, or other determination by the Development Team, so the suggestion will not be implemented. Once a suggestion has been flagged this way, the decision is final. Although the issue may be raised again in the future after a six month cooldown. A response explanation from the Development Team can be found in the thread.
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May 28, 2021
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Award a third character slot
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Bring players back to Resto
In response to closing a thread without discussion:

I am proposing a THIRD character slot without requiring the community to do any of the following in order to obtain:

  • Complete a collection
  • Play through a quest
  • Do ANY content



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Jun 1, 2021
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Thanks for your suggestion!

As a design philosophy, the Development Team does not generally believe in free giveaways or unlocks when they are non-cosmetic in nature and can impact the larger playability of the game world, balance in systems, or the game economy. In other words, to enjoy the perks and features of the game, you need to actually play the game.

We consider the undermentioned factors, among others, when determining whether an item or feature should be free in part because despite operating as a non-profit, we need to leverage free-to-play design mechanics to ensure the long-term viability of the server.
  • How does possession of this item or feature impact the value of the character and account?
  • Where in the game does the item fictionally and functionally fit?
  • By preponderance, does this item hold enough value to make a meaningful impact in the game world?
  • What are the implications to the overall item and feature possession heuristics?
  • What are the implications on the value of other items and features with this one in the mix?
  • Does the existence or possession of this item give the player an advantage over other players?
  • Have similar items been given away for free before on our server? In this game? In other games?
  • Will this item eventually hold scarcity or be inaccessible in the future?
  • Why is this item being implemented? For combat? For recognition? For a feature?
  • If we do gate this content or item, should unlock be collectable? Lootable? Unlockable by an out-of-game interaction?
As we've already completed the content component of this implementation, and for the reasons outlined above, we do not intend to explore a change of direction at this time. While we welcome feedback and suggestions, and we enjoy the free flow of ideas empowered by our forum and discussions of any thread posted, the Development Team does exercise discretion to close threads when the suggestion is moot, as was the case in the previous thread, and as is the case in this one.
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