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Open Space blackscales in kash space

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May 28, 2021
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revert the dev decision to make a popular space grinding zone accessable to many people . as it was when the server went live currently only people wanting to go here are ace pilots who can make a lot of credits in a very short time as your an agro magnet and ships constantly target pob /gunships without worrying the owners .previously there was at leat a small window where you was not under attack . 1
If people are going to grind per there leve l (beginners to advaced , blackscales are there bread and butter, if people want to do space the easy way they will grind on a p.o.b. (as an alts gunner) anyway ,even in kash against blackscales it is easy. only thing the blackscales being red is there agro makes them come for you so easier and more frequent xp . and ofcourse more loot
i can see the dev decision to make this area inaccessable to the majority of leveling players as a "good move" but is it ? 1 guuner and the pilot can make a learner pilot ace very quickly due to the agro generated by red mobs . the idea behind it was to try and engage people and do other content, or to stop or slow down the credit accumilation gaine d by the pilot of pob , did it work? no, all people do now is grind in a different spot,in a different zone on board a pob ., as they have done since long ago in a galaxy far far away , there are a shed load of insta spwans qll over the galaxy people will use and do use
why are blacescales in kash space angry and what did it actually do?